Inspiration in the desert

Why you would choose for a holiday in the desert?

Maybe you think, nothing to do, nothing to see? Empty place, just sand, nothing will grow.

Well if you are already prejudiced you will see what you want to see.

Let start from the first step.

If you make plans for a holiday you start to look at pictures on internet, see brochures to have an idea what to expect of a vacation. Read reviews of hotels to make sure that everything is well arranged. Right?

Wadi Rum, JordanThe desert

Is one of those places on earth you cannot imagine what to expect. I have to be real, the first time I was in the desert it was complete different as what I expected. Living in a green country surrounded with water everywhere (the Netherlands), no desert to have an idea, I was flabbergasted the first time I was in the desert of Wadi Rum in Jordan. All my expectations fell apart once I was surrounded by the huge solid rocks, the colors of the sands, the immense open plains, the formations of the rocks and mountains in the sand. Although I’m living now in this desert, still I cannot find words to explain. All the pictures of special moments do not show how it is in real. Every day again I feel so lucky to be part of the desert. Living as a Bedouin, quite nomadic although I have a home.


That is up to you. You can experience the desert as a tourist, take a jeep tour and make many pictures to show your family and friends. But if you want the real experience of a nomad in the desert you’ll stay more days to feel, touch, smell the desert. Then you’ll know the impact of the emptiness, the sands, the rocks, being in an area without light, electricity, connection pollution. One of the few places on earth you can feel the nature in your veins.

Rhythm of the desert

With few stimuli you will relax. Maybe not in the first moment because we think we are happy if we have many things to do. It is human to keep yourself busy and make (too) many plans. The body and mind have to get used to the rhythm of the desert. A complete different life. But so valuable for your body, your soul, your spiritual life. In the desert you feel different, peaceful. Your daily life is far away and you can look at it from a distance. Out of relaxation you can reflect to your life in a different dimension. It is living back to basics. The part that is still somewhere inside you from your ancestors.

Playing with the sand, desert retreat, Wadi Rum, JordanHappiness

No money can buy happiness, no other people can make you happy if you don’t know how to make yourself happy. In the desert you find yourself. Pure, the real you! If you’re lucky you will find your roots back. The stable fundament to grow in life. Sometimes it is good to step back in time to repair the lacking or forgotten things in your life. The desert is patient, the sand is warm, the rocks will lovingly embrace you. The frequences of the nature are pure. Once you accept those frequences your body will start to resonance in a higher level. Healing the dissonances in your body. From wherever you accumulated those in your body.

The child in you

In the desert you can be you. It doesn’t matter what age you have, you still can be the child, playing in the sands, piling rocks, finding the heart shaped stones, climbing rocks, make a fire, eat with your hand, doing nothing, feeling bored, running, walking, sitting, laying down in the way you want. Nobody cares. Nobody will judge you. Or tell you that it is wrong what you do. As a child you can wonder about what you see, how it feels.


The desert will give you inspiration, stimulate your creativity, once your head is empty. You don’t need to fill your head again with thoughts that will not lead you anywhere. In the desert many things start to be clear, solutions will pop up and those things will not occupy your life anymore. Your intuition will open again, giving you the freedom to make the right choices. Life is simple, it are the humans who make it so complicated.


Why you would go to the desert? Beside as a tourist you will learn more than you ever could imagine. The Bedouin who live a simple life are an example of wisdom. If you ask a Bedouin who lives in the city about the desert, you will see his eyes start to shine, you will see his body starting to relax, you will hear the fire in his words when he speaks about the desert. You will see how much he is missing the desert life because he choose to live in the city to make a living for his family. Are you able to give yourself the gift to retreat to a place where you can reset yourself?

Living with the Bedouin, retreat, Wadi Rum, JordanBedouin, nomads

Bedouin are not far from the desert and the life of their (grand) parents. They still hear the stories about roaming through the desert from their family. It used to be a hard life, never certain if you would survive, if there would be enough water and food. But in the same time you’ll hear the romance of living in the desert that is still appreciated above the life in the city.

Back in time

Did you ever go back in time? Back to your roots, back to the child in you? The desert is waiting, always, in peace. The desert will embrace all the lost souls, all emotions, all stories you want to share. The desert is full of wisdom when you’re ready to accept. It will learn you how much stronger you are than you think. The desert is a safe place to go back in nothingness when life is getting too tough.

Own experience

First I want to thank you for reading about my own experience with the desert as above. You’ll have your own experience, maybe similar, maybe different. But for sure you will not be the same as before once you enter the desert and stay to experience.

Your choice

Do you prefer a visit as a tourist or will it be your choice to experience what the desert is in real?

If you like to know more about the possibilities in the desert, see the offered travels. As well as retreats in the desert. We’re always ready to help you or to advice you to make the right choice. Even if it will be a tailor-made journey fitting to your wishes and budget.

If you like you can leave a comment about your desert experience or about what you like to see/do.

This post is written by Brenda