Anti-Cellulite massage

Anti-Cellulite massage

Anti-Cellulite massage

It is now the time to actually start anti-cellulite treatment, to deal with it and to really keep it going.

We support an approach with products from nature. The different perspectives provide a satisfactory result in the approach to cellulite and reinforcement of the tissue.

Cellulite did not come in one day and will not be able to disappear in one day.


Cellulite, panniculose, after slimming.

What is happening?

The four pillars on which the treatment is based are:

  1. Massage to drain the water off the cellulite. Massage to divide the underlying adipose tissue. Massage to drain the metabolic slag.
  2. Use of Dead Sea salts to drain the moisture and to mineralize the tissue. Wraps and baths with Dead Sea products, mineralizing the skin. Use of Black Mud to purify and strengthen the body and for figure correction. Use of La Cure Anti-Cellulite Soap to support the approach, strengthen the skin, dissolve the fatty tissue and drain the moisture. Use of La Cure Soothing Bath Salt or Scrub glove to create a continuous improved circulation. Shower Gel to mineralize the skin every day. Essential Moisturizing Cream or Body Oil to massage the skin every day at home.
  3. Motivation of the client to keep this plan of approach at least 1-3 months. Change of movement, it is proven that daily training of the problem areas in heat, 38-40ºC gives a faster result.
  4. Use of dietary supplements that guarantee at least the daily required amounts of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Adjusting the normal diet in a balanced low-sodium and high-fiber diet and allowing high-calorie snacks. Drink a lot of water.