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“Jordan in scents and colors”

  /  “Jordan in scents and colors”

``Jordan in scents and colors``, request a free e-book

``Jordan in scents and colors``, request a free e-book
Collection of short stories about the colorful facets of Jordanian life by various writers. Also an idea book for upcoming Jordan travelers.

“Jordan in scents and colors”

  • Colorful and titillating journeys that show the other Jordan.
  • Written by Jordan experts, some of our guests, volunteers, Brenda van den Brink and supplemented with visual creations by photographers.
  • An inspirational book for your upcoming Jordan trip.
  • Reminisce about the scents and colors of famous places and events during your trip.
  • Recipes of traditional dishes.
  • True stories.

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Stories, tips and recipes from Jordan experts, guests, volunteers, photographers and Brenda to get you already in a nice Jordan mood or to enjoy recognizable places and stories.

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