Pottenbakken en glazuren met lokale vrouwen bij de vrouwencoöperatie in de Wadi Rum. Jordan Desert Journeys
1-6 days at the women's cooperative, working clay and decorating with symbols and signs from the desert

Pottery workshop, Jordan

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Pottery workshop, Jordan

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Traditionally, much ceramics were produced in Jordan. In many places you can still find the shards of it, also in the Wadi Rum! Different clays are used for various purposes. This craft has been revived for a number of years. Local women learn how to work clay, make pottery on turntables and in molds, and of course the art of glazing, often with traditional motifs that can differ from tribe to tribe. In the women’s cooperative in the Wadi Rum you can also find the symbols, old letters from a forgotten alphabet carved on the many petroglyphs. In this workshop you will learn how to make pottery and glaze together with these local women.

7 Reasons to book a pottery and glazing workshop:

  • To master the art of pottery
  • Being creative together with the Bedouin women
  • Painting clay with glaze, an art in itself
  • Transfer the characters from the petroglyphes in the desert to clay
  • Create something with your hands to take home
  • Relaxation and still being busy on your vacation
  • Supporting the Bedouin women


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Price for 1-6 days pottery and glaze workshop:

The pottery and glaze workshop is a morning program with local women at the women's cooperative in Diseh, a desert village next to the Wadi Rum. You will have lunch in the desert camp. The afternoon is at your leisure, but you can also be inspired by the variety of special excursions in and around the Wadi Rum desert. To fully immerse yourself in desert life, take a look at "Excursions". This way you can also design a tailor-made trip that completely meets your wishes and budget. We are happy to assist you with our expertise.

Price: 75 Jod per day per person


  • 1-6 Days pottery and glazes at the women's cooperative. Includes material.
  • Lunch.
  • 1-6 Days overnight stay in a desert camp with breakfast, dinner and private sanitary facilities.
  • Transport to and from the workshop from the desert camp.


  • Travel insurance with worldwide coverage.
  • Cancellation insurance.
  • Order online: for your visa. (If you do not go to Petra, it is better to purchase your visa at the airport (40 Jod) and your Wadi Rum entrance ticket at the visitor center (5 Jod).
  • Transportation to and from the Wadi Rum.
  • Additional excursions.
  • Personal expenses.