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1 day. The desert forever with you with a lasting jewel

Workshop creating desert jewelry, Jordan

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Workshop creating desert jewelry, Jordan

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In this workshop you make a piece of jewelry from a desert stone, a lasting memory of your stay in the Wadi Rum desert. There is a choice of countless stones. Pebbles, sometimes broken, multi-colored sandstones like the various distinct natural colors in the rocks. Sometimes with a gemstone that suits you. Through a workshop with colours, chakras, gemstones you will receive an explanation about your past, present and future. And do you know which gemstone is right for you to develop further? You will work with wire and pliers to give your design the shape that emphasizes your personality. An experience richer you go home with something that is tailor-made for you. The energy of the desert.

7 Reasons to book a workshop for creating jewelry in the Wadi Rum:

  • Make a personal piece of jewelry
  • Take home a memory of the desert
  • A piece of jewelry that suits you
  • Learn about gemstones and colors
  • Wearing an organically created piece of jewelry
  • Always carry the desert with you
  • Original gift

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Price for 1 day jewelery making workshop:

The jewelery making workshop is a 1-day workshop in the desert. Around 9-10 am you will be picked up to make a 2 hour journey through the desert by 4x4 wheel. You regularly stop because there is something special to see or where you can find small desert stones, the most beautiful of which you will transform into a personal piece of jewelry. The delicious lunch is freshly prepared somewhere along the way where you will also follow the workshop after a break. By means of colours, chakras and gemstones there are more and more indications which gemstones with which character traits suit you. As an oracle you gain more insight into your past and your present. Perhaps a corner of the veil is being lifted about your future? Maybe you choose to use one or more gemstones in your design, maybe you go for pure desert. Now is the time to unleash all your creativity in a one of a kind piece of jewelry, especially for you or a loved one. You have all the freedom to create something that will amaze you. In the process you get to know and shape the material as nature intended.

Price: From 57 Jod per person for 3-4 persons

Bij 2 personen 65 Jod per persoon; Bij 1 persoon 80 Jod


  • 1 Day jewelry making workshop.
  • Material + 1 gemstone to process.
  • Lunch.
  • 2 Hour Jeep Safari.
  • Possibility to stay overnight with dinner and breakfast somewhere in a special place in the desert or in a desert camp.


  • Travel insurance with worldwide coverage.
  • Cancellation insurance.
  • Order online: for your visa. (If you do not go to Petra, it is better to purchase your visa at the airport (40 Jod) and your Wadi Rum entrance ticket at the visitor center (5 Jod).
  • Transportation to and from the Wadi Rum.
  • Additional excursions.
  • Personal expenses.

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