Themareis connectie met dieren, Jordanië. Jordan Desert Journeys
Theme trips in the Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

Theme Connection with animals

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Trip themes Connection with animals in the Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

In the silence of the desert you will get a deeper connection with your animal.

You are searching for a connection with animal tour because you:

  • Want to learn how to feel what your pet is trying to tell you
  • Like to live more from your hearts energy with the animals
  • Want to trust your intuition more
  • Are eager to overcome your fears
  • Want to develop yourself personally
  • Have psychosomatic complaints or want to process some kind of trauma
  • Want to make a career switch or follow your heart

Tune in to the pure energy of animals

Connection with animals in the Wadi Rum desert. Did you know animals are sensitive to our energy and body language and can not be misled? In the desert you will get a deeper connection to animals and nature of the Bedouins.

An example: It could easily be the case that we pass a herd of sheep or goats and stop to greet them. Would you rather photograph them or would you like to connect with the animals? Do you want to discover their individual talents and gifts?


  • Experience that animals have their own character, own feeling, own wisdom
  • Would like to mirror to these animals
  • Have a desire to experience how it is to be included in a herd of horses or camels
  • Want to communicate with animals and learn from them
  • Can’t have a pet of your own but love being around dogs
  • Like to go into the desert accompanied by an animal to have a buddy while walking

Food remains are put in the desert. For the foxes, birds, lizards and salamanders so they will come to us.

Have you ever done a meditation in which you were an animal. Totem animals or power animals are always with you, a soul connection. This significance can teach you a lot. To the point at which even a butterfly comes to greet you or dung beetle wants to be around you. Animals choose you, not the other way around.

Did you know that there are many animals which act as personal guides? Will you travel along to experience the meaning and deeper connection with animals? To learn from them in the desert?