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Trip themes Diving/snorkeling in the Red Sea at Aqaba

The Red Sea is a paradise for divers and snorkelers. At Aqaba there are over 30 different dive spots where you can explore and experience the tropical underwater life.

You are searching for a dive and snorkel tour because you:

  • Want to be sporty on vacation
  • Love the sea and the interesting underwater life
  • Have heard that the Red Sea is a special place to dive with sunken wrecks
  • Want to get your PADI open water diving certificate
  • Think your vacation isn’t complete without snorkeling in a tropical sea
  • Want to experience weightlessness
  • Want to escape from your daily life for a moment to surround yourself with the peaceful sea

Aqaba Marine Park diving paradise: corals, tropical fish, wrecks

Scuba diving and snorkeling in Aqaba takes you to another world. The tropical underwater world.


Especially for divers the ship the “Cedar Pride” sank in 1985. The ship lies at 28 meters deep.


In 2017 the cargo plane Hercules C-130 sank at a depth of 18 meters. This spot is also fantastic for snorkelers.


A tank, a M42 anti-aircraft fighter was sunk in 1999 and lies at 6 meters deep. The deepest point is at 57 meters, which is only accessible to technical divers. Tropical fish and coral now inhabit the wrecks.


There are 500 different kinds of coral to spot, 150 hard and 350 soft types of coral. Various sorts of fish, 1200 types can be found and also 1000 types of mollusks and shellfish.


The temperature of the water is around 26 degrees Celsius in the summer and 20 degrees Celsius in the winter, which makes the spot suitable to dive all year.


There are around 20 dive spots, together with the technical diving spots this adds up to 30 spots in the protected Aqaba Marine Park.