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Trip themes Pilgrimages, religious in Jordan

Do you know how many scenes from the Bible took place in Jordan? How many pilgrims have already made a pilgrimage in precisely Jordan? Religious and spiritual, a deeper connection with your faith, meaning, the connection between you and God.

You are looking for a pilgrimage, religious because you:

  • Seek a connection with God
  • Want to visit the places you’ve heard / read about in the Bible
  • Are looking for meaning
  • Want to let go
  • Like to pray in the places where the prophets were
  • Want to escape from the busy world
  • Want to return to yourself

Pilgrimage is a return to your spirituality

People are going to pilgrimage because they want to escape the crowds and encounter themselves and God. Get away from your familiar environment to regain appreciation and respect for nature. Get in touch with a different culture and the history of Jordan.

You will feel more human because you connect with the Bible, which will live for you. More open to spiritual experiences, a kind of telepathy with people who suddenly speak to you about what is on your mind at the time. You can even get to know your guardian angel, who usually comes to you in emergencies to warn or save you. When your head stops thinking and you are completely where you are at that moment.

A pilgrimage is your search for your past, for “The Book”, for your present and for your future.