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Trip themes Yoga in the Wadi Rum desert

Yoga is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender or condition. Yoga in nature, outside in the desert of Wadi Rum is an ultimate experience that you want to experience as a yogi.

You are looking for a yoga trip because you:

  • Like to move to feel the positive experience for body and mind
  • Want to relax consciously with the asanas (positions)
  • Want to focus on the present to experience more inner peace
  • Soothe the pain in your body with natural exercises
  • You want to improve your posture and become more flexible
  • Want to become more energetic and want to strengthen your body
  • To enjoy the wonderful landscape of the desert

Yoga in the most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum desert and Jordan

A yoga trip is good for your body and mind. You are moving outside and enjoy not only the desert but also the strength of your body. You will completely relax during the accompanying meditations that will also give you beautiful insights. Active relaxation to give your body what it needs to function properly. And that in the beautiful desert, in the sand or on the rocks, in the middle of nature.

The only sound is your breathing that moves gently with your body and supports you to make the poses of the asanas work deeply. Every muscle, fiber, cell of your body becomes happy with the challenges you ask from your body. A yoga trip is especially for you, but also for your family and your friends, to practice a deep physical and mental experience together.