Retreat with camels in the Wadi Rum

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"Vast, echoing, and God-like"

The famous words of Lawrence of Arabia: Outstretched, echoing, as God intended. You will often think of these words when you ride your camel or walk through the desert.

Retreat with camels

Sometimes you need it to break out. You have experienced too much, too much at your head, you are at an important crossroad of your life, you are recovering, you want to be alone, you want to make contact with yourself again, you want to be completely pure in the nature.

With the Bedouin

A retreat in the desert is a solution. There are hardly any stimuli and you are briefly shut off from the whole world. You step into the life of the Bedouin who are so closely connected to the desert. Without desert their life is not complete. Together with their camels, they traveled through the desert in the past, searching for fertile soil and water sources every time to feed their camels and other herds. With them you trek through the desert for 6 days, with a camel, looking for your own source. The powerful and healing energy in the desert, together with the healing sessions helps you to resonate better with your life. To lose a lot of surplus ballast and to find the way of life that belongs to you.

Petra and Aqaba

The journey starts in Petra, the place where you must have been when you come to Jordan. You will be impressed by what human hands have created in the rocks. The variety of colors, temples, caves, and other structures, now you will be able to see it all by yourself.

The journey will be completed in Aqaba, a day at the seaside, a beautiful transition back to your own life.

Desert Retreat on a camel, Wadi Rum, Jordan



All transport during the journey. 6 days camel ride with guide. All nights including breakfast (1 night hotel, 1 night resort, 2 nights luxury camp, 5 nights bivouac). Healing sessions and an Arab massage. All meals, bottles of water, coffee and tea during camel riding.


Airline ticket. Lunch and dinner in Petra and Aqaba. Travel insurance with world coverage. Cancellation insurance. Visa Jordan. Ticket Petra (Jordanpass). Drinks, tips and personal expenses.

Retreat on a camel, living as a Bedouin in the desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan


Dates 2019:

On request.


Groups 4-6 people 1050 Jd per person

Groups 2-3 people: 1099 Jd per person

Individual: 1290 Jd per person

Contact us for larger groups.

We would like to invite you to meet us beforehand. Via skype or chat or whatapp.

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Desert retreat with camels. living here and now. Watching the beauty of the nature.


Day 1: Arrival in Jordan. Transport to Petra, dinner and overnight in a hotel in Petra.

Day 2: Visit to Petra. One of the new seven world wonders. For many the reason to visit Jordan. Petra was a trading city, the capital of the Nabataeans. An important post for the trade caravans and pilgrim journeys by camel. You will go back in time, when transport from A to B took months. In the afternoon you will be met to leave for Wadi Rum. You spend the night in a luxury desert camp with sanitary facilities in the tent. Dinner consists of a salad buffet and a Bedouin meal prepared under the ground, zarb.

Day 3: From the camp you leave on your camel or walk along, here you start your actual retreat. You travel into the desert, it takes something, getting used to riding on a camel. In the beginning you can still see some tourists and jeeps in the desert but it will become increasingly quiet as you go deeper into the desert. You take part in the rhythm of the day. You quickly get used to the living as a Bedouin. The first day everything is new and you get the time to switch. Walking, lunch, walking camp, gathering wood, caring for camels, dinner, campfire, stargazing, sleeping. 

Day 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8: You go deeper into the desert, you now know what to expect during a day and will make your own journey. Every day we start with a meditation so that you can start the day in a very relaxed state. After breakfast you step or on your camel, or you walk in silence to let the desert work on you. During lunch time there is an opportunity to have a massage. Every evening a healing session takes place, either with gems, or with the tuning forks or with the biotensor. There is an opportunity to dissertate your process so that you can go step by step deeper to the cause and to your source. To finally find out where you want to go and what keeps you busy. Often it is good to take a few steps back and then fully blossom. You get that opportunity in the desert. The journey is to go back to your base, which makes you so unique. If you live from your own base, then your life goes much smoother, you can deal with conflicts more easily because you know who you are and what you stand for. Your authentic self. The Bedouin travel with you. They know what it's like to survive in the desert. It is not always romantic and rose-scent and moonshine.They will bring you ideas based on their stories and wisdoms that you can apply in your life. You get to know the desert, you learn to appreciate life, you learn how important you are and how valuable your life is.

Day 8: We return to the camp where you started for a final connection with the desert and to prepare for your life elsewhere.

Day 9: Departure to Aqaba to spend a whole day at the seaside and in the evening to go to the souk in Aqaba. Dinner is in the city. Overnight at the resort by the sea.

Day 10: Departure to the airport.


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