Study tour Arabian massages

Arabian Massages study tour

Arabian massages study tour in Wadi Rum, Jordan

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Studying Arabian Massages in a foreign land! Who has not dreamed of. Gain knowledge while enjoying the beautiful, inspiring environment of …Wadi Rum, Jordan.
Every year some masseurs / beauticians follow the training in Jordan to receive the diploma Arabian Massage Specialist.
This year you can follow the base, but also the expansion. It is also possible if you already are in possession of the basis, to follow the expansion, you then step in at day 8 of the itinerary.


Day 1:

Arrival and travel to Wadi Rum private camp.

Day 2:

Acclimatize and visit Wadi Rum by 4WD, lunch and walk.

Day 3:

Kasaath Hawa, therory and practice.

Day 4:

Theory and practice hammam, hammam ritual and having the ritual in a real hammam in Aqaba.

Day 5:

Khiaahh Milhh (Salt stamp massage), theory and practice.

Day 6:

Theory and practice Jadestone massage.

Day 7:

Visit Petra. When only studying the basic, overnight in Aqaba or Madaba and departure at day 8.

Day 8 (extension):

Honey Massage, therory and practice in Wadi Rum.

Day 9:

Khiaahh Milhh (Salt stamp massage) part 2 and repeating part 1

Day 10:

The treasures of the Dead Sea and their treatments and anti-cellulite massage

Day 11:

Kasaath Hawa and Khiaahh Milhh advanced. 

Day 12:

Gemstone Massage workshop with colors, Chakras and gemstones

Day 13:


Day 14:

To the Dead Sea

Day 15:


Many of the massage lessons will be, if the weather permits, in the nature, the mountains and the desert or in the private camp. Present are massage tables. 


Basic: 7 nights: 5 nights in the private camp in Wadi Rum, 1 night in Suncity camp, 1 night in a 3* hotel in Aqaba.

Full: 14 nights: 12 nights in the private camp in Wadi Rum, 1 night in Suncity camp, 1 night at a luxury Hotel at Dead Sea.

Extension: 8 nights: 5 nights in the private camp in Wadi Rum, 1 night in Suncity camp, 1 nights at a luxury Hotel at Dead Sea.

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Honey Massage, Arabian Massage.



All transportation, all accommodation, all meals and coffee, tea and water during training, all massage training and equipment during training, instruction manuals, the visit to the hammam. Wadi Rum 4WD tour.


Massage supplies for home, soft and alcoholic drinks, personal expenses, gratuities, ticket to Jordan, Jordan visa and entrance fees in Petra and Wadi Rum (Jordanpass), travel- and cancellation insurance and any additional excursions. Lunch in Petra and mrals at the Dead Sea. 



Date 2017:

Basic: May 13 - 20, eight days. And October 14-21

Full: May 13 - 27, fifteen days. And October 14 - 28

Extension: May 19 - 27 nine days. And October 20 - 28


Study tour Arabian Massage 8-days:

massage trainings Jd 550 ($ 775) 

travel and accommodation Jordan Jd 750 ($ 1060)

Total Jd 1300 ($ 1835)

Study tour Arabian Massage 15-days:

massage trainings Jd 1350  ($ 1905)

travel and stay in Jordan Jd 1400 ($ 1975)

Total Jd 2750 ($ 3880)

Extension: 9-days:

massage trainings Jd 750 ($ 1060)

travel and accommodation Jordan Jd 850 ($ 1200)

Total Jd 1600 ($ 2260)

Prices based on two persons per room.

Check with your accountant / book keeper for the deduction of study costs for businesses!

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