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The start of Jordan Desert Journeys

Camp Sun City
Camp Sun City

Jordan Desert Journeys 

Is build is on the traditions of the Bedouin life-style in the Wadi Rum.  Travelling with us is a Bedouin authentic way of experience the Wadi Rum desert. Your Bedouin local guides have been grown up in the desert before they started to work in tourism.

Most of your tours with Jordan Desert Journeys will start from Sun City Camp. All accommodation is based on the 1001 Arabian nights theme to make your stay an extraordinary, fairy tale experience. 

Sleeping under the stars

If you choose for an original authentic experience 'sleeping under the stars', in the wild in the desert with Bedouin dinner, just contact us and we make your wish come true.

Before: Eight brothers camp Wadi Rum

Eight Bedouin brothers and one sister in tourism in Wadi Rum. Once upon a time in the year 2008, the 8 brothers started a tourist camp  in the Wadi Rum. The camp was traditional build with the Bedouin 'bait shaar', tents woven with black goat hair. With stairs to heaven to gaze at the stars. The 'Eight Brothers camp tourist' was our start of many beautiful desert tours with very satisfied guests from all over the world. In 2013 the camp name changed to Sun City Camp.


The place of the camp is excellent to start your journeys into the Wadi Rum. Whether on jeep safari, camel and horse safari, hiking, trekking, scrambling, stargazing, ballooning,  rock and mountain climbing, or train journeys. 


Our goal is to give you an exceptional experience in the desert of Wadi Rum and beyond that you will never forget. We all love to make you happy and to give you an excellent bedouin lifestyle engagement that will let you feel as if you are a nomad of the desert. 


Because we love our desert, we all work eco-friendly to save the Wadi Rum protected area for next generations. 

The brothers, 'sister' and friends you will meet on your tours:

Abdullah Alzwaydeh

Abdullah Alzwaydeh with his horses
Abdullah Alzwaydeh with his horses

- Your guide Abdullah

He knows the desert of Wadi Rum till Humeima and Ras a Naqab in the north and Aqaba in the south as his home. He is a registered guide for the protected area of Wadi Rum. Works already since 2001 in the area of Wadi Rum with tourists and speaks English. But most important, he is always in his best mood to give you an excellent desert experience. His ultimate goal is to make you happy.

- Horse riding tours

From one hour till many days travelling deep inside the Wadi Rum and surroundings.  Abdullah is your guide on horse and takes care for the horses. 

- Camel tours more days

When trekking on camels for more days Abdullah will accompany the tour by 4WD with supplies and your luggage.

- Jeep safaris

From a couple of hours till more day tours with camping in the desert under the stars.

- Wellness tours

Whether tours for massage treatment or massage course, Abdullah knows the perfect hidden places.  To fully enjoy your wellness and relaxation in the nature of the desert by a therapeut.

- Bedouin cooking 

Do you like to know the secrets of Bedouin cooking in the desert on a fire of wood? Abdullah is your teacher to learn how to prepare the delicious Bedouin kitchen. 

- Family tours

Self having five young children and a big family, he is very experienced with families with children. Your children will love to go on adventure in the desert. When children have fun the parents can enjoy and relax too.

Ahmad 'Moving Sand' Zawaidah

Ahmad 'Moving Sand' Zawaidah
Ahmad 'Moving Sand' Zawaidah

-Your guid Ahmad, abu Anas

Ahmad 'Moving Sand' loves to take you in a magical world, hardly to believe till you experience by your self. 

- Jeep safaris

Ahmad will be every weekend from Thursday evening till Saturday in Wadi Rum to take you on a unforgetable desert tour. He takes time to really show you the beauty of the desert and has a story behid every grain of sand.

- Diving and snorkeling

Living in Aqaba, Ahmad is familiar to the Red Sea. He will introduce you in diving and snorkeling by professionals. Underwater life in the Red Sea is the pearl of the South of Jordan. Corals in various colors and shapes, an opulence of tropical fish will leave you fascinated.

Mansour camel guide

Mansour the guide for camel riding
Mansour the guide for camel riding

-Guide for camel riding

Mansour is specialized in everything around the camels. He is a good teacher as well for camel riding. During more day tours he will accompany the camels. He loves to sing during his work and is a very good cook to prepare the delicious meals during the tours.

Suleiman Alzwaydeh

Suleiman Alzwaydeh
Suleiman Alzwaydeh


Suleiman is your guide for climbing/scarmbling the Um Addami in Jordan. And a good cook of delicious meals during the tours.

Brenda van den Brink

Brenda van den Brink surrounded by the horses
Brenda van den Brink surrounded by the horses

-Your guide Brenda

Brenda is living in the desert in Jordan since 2009 and lives her life as a Bedouin.

- Horse back riding

Since a small child you could find Brenda in an equestrian center.  The company of horses is natural, they are the ultimate teachers to learn more about yourself. On an emotional, soul and spiritual level. It is an exceptional privilege to work with horses. To understand and trust each other, to become one. Your horse will teach you that you have to be in the moment, now. This experience makes you feel what is really important in life. Easy to let the heavy loads go. Vast plains, rugged mountains, blue skies, the wind will empty your head and the sun will warm you as you ride to the end of the world. The ultimate feeling of freedom.

-Camel tours

On several days trips by camel, Brenda can guide you on a camel and lead the caravan. Camels have an elegant behavior as old as time, knowing how to survive in the desert.

- Wellness tours and desert retreats

Wellness holidays are a precious gift for you. For a while in a completely different world to recharge your body, your mind and your spiritual well-being. An escape from the daily routine. The desert is a very suitable place to let go of unnecessary ballast. The vast emptiness will fill you with new energy. Back to basics and maybe an encounter yourself. Learn again to appreciate what is really important in life. Brenda accompanies you on your journey in the desert and to yourself. With Arabian massages that will bring you into a state of well-being. After this experience you will be refreshed and relaxed in your own world.

- Bedouin kitchen

Brenda teaches you how to cook the delicious Bedouin cuisine on a fire of desert wood. Cook on, in and under the fire to create a healthy meal in the desert. Searching for desert herbs and learn more about the Jordanian herbs. A tasteful journey.

- Massage study tours

Brenda is a massage therapist and a teacher. She will introduce you to the special ancient massage techniques that are still used in Jordan. As well in the healing powers of the salts and minerals in the Dead Sea. After a study trip you bring a new range of massages into your practice. Your clients will appreciate these effective massages because their well-being will improve.

Abu Aseel, Abdelkareem Alzwaydeh

Abu Aseel, Abdelkareem Alzwaydeh
Abu Aseel, Abdelkareem Alzwaydeh

-Your guide abu Aseel

Abu Aseel connects guests to the right guide. He is the coordinator of the jeep tours and the local guides. 

Abd Alradi Brizat

Abd Alradi Brizat our Bedouin driver
Abd Alradi Brizat our Bedouin driver

- Your Bedouin driver

Wherever you want to go in Jordan, Abu Sakr knows the road and will bring you save to all known and unknown Jordan locations and destinations.

He is an expert in  advising the best local restaurants for a tasty and delicious Jordanian meal. 

During the tour he will explain the places you visit and pass. Abu Sakr is nice company during the hours of travelling from A to B.

Faisal Alzwaydeh

Faisal Alzwaydeh
Faisal Alzwaydeh

 -Jeep tours

Faisal is your guide during jeeptours, accompany on short horse tours and taking care for the horses if everyone is on tour.