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Group travel

New Group Travel, More Retreats, More Travel with Animals

And then suddenly fantastic group trips are planned almost out of nowhere. Consulting and making the travel schedules is already a blessing. So much beauty and news is discussed. We are so curious what you think of it. Even more mindfulness in different forms such as yoga, back to yourself in the silence of the desert, intuitively expressing what is on your mind in soul art. In addition, if you are fond of animals and you have the opportunity to do a group tour in which animals are the main players along with a group of like-minded people, are you there? To build a close bond with your animal who will accompany you through the desert for almost the entire holiday?

My wish for top destination Jordan

In 2019, following a coaching trajectory with Wendy Assenberg van Eijsden for small-scale travel organizations to learn how to build a good website, I expressed that we want more group trips. Until then, we offered more tailor-made tours for individuals up to 6 people than complete group tours. Because we like working with small groups so much, it hadn’t happened recently to think on a larger scale. While in the beginning, we did build up experience with larger groups such as a horse event with 25 horses and riders from Wadi Rum to Petra. Our largest group ever on horseback. After that, tourism in Jordan collapsed, until in 2017 Jordan suddenly became a top destination again. Now we are starting all over again with a new website and again guests coming to Jordan. There are now even more retreats, mindfulness, horses, camels and dogs, surrounded of course by the silence and vastness of the beautiful Wadi Rum desert.

The law of attraction

Wendy and I decided to sidetrack the group tours for a while…

  • The following week I saw a message from Mirjam Diepenbrock in my timeline on Facebook. The telepathy course for animals. I applied because I wanted to know how far I was with this gift. Read below what happened then.


  • I have been in contact with Victoria Lagerwey for a while. There was a strong sense that we are on the same page when it comes to horse coaching. I visited her in the Netherlands to experience a session with her horses. Then I stayed overnight with her. We stayed in conversation all evening about horses and intuitive coaching. Our conversation developed far beyond horses…


  • Since 2014 I have been in contact with Hemera Margrieta. In these years she has become proficient in soul arts and is now a coach. I have done several workshops with her and am currently working on a new one, “Nowhere, Now Here”. Harma has lived in Jordan for a number of years, which was the reason for contact when she had just returned to the Netherlands. Now her story is in our e-book: “Jordan in scents and colors”.


  • Marion van Overveld of Solaki Yoga approached me in 2020. Marion has already been to Jordan and knows that a retreat trip with Jin yoga will find good ground in the most beautiful places in Petra, Wadi Rum and Aqaba. After the special trip was initially canceled due to the extra regulations with flying and entering the country, 2022 will be the year that you can follow a Jin yoga retreat in Jordan with Marion.


  • And…an intern, Tina Bakker from a travel organization in the Netherlands contacts me because she is working on her final thesis. She has been commissioned by the travel organization where she is doing an internship to put together a trip for young people in which the Bedouin life, the ecological aspect and sustainable travel, and much interaction with the local population are the destination. A journey has now been put together for them that brings these facets together in another unique journey.

As a result, 5 new group trips!

All of which are so unique and special. Also so fitting for us that we are already looking forward to these trips. Think of retreats in the silence in the energetic desert, think of the connection with animals in 4 of the 5 new group trips, think of a coaching trajectory and the gift you give yourself. I will already lift a corner of the veil about the upcoming trips. Traveling to Jordan started again in September 2021, we are grateful that we were allowed to guide the first 3-day retreat after such a long time.

Woestijnreis intuïtieve verbinding, Jordanië 2020, met Mirjam DiepenbrockDesert journey intuitive connection with Mirjam Diepenbrock

Mirjam immediately contacted me after I signed up for her animal telepathy course. You could put some comments under it and after she read it she didn’t want me to do the course anymore… We agreed via skype. I would like to take this course. It became an engaging conversation in which Mirjam indicated to me that she feared that the course would be of little use to me because my telepathic abilities with regard to animals are already well developed.


Mirjam’s book is almost out: “The Line between Magic and Life”. She has the plan to choose a different destination every year to travel with a group. Jordan was already on her list and can now take the lead. Immediately during this first conversation we put together the trip, she booked her plane ticket, and soon put the trip on her website: Animal Soul Academy. And now this fantastic trip is also on our website.

Intense journey

Mirjam takes you on an intense journey through Jordan with the highlights of Petra and the Wadi Rum desert where you will go horseback riding for 5 days. You get a lot of spiritual insights from the horses that Mirjam “translates” to you. And… you will receive the online course Telepathy with animals as a gift, which I was so happy to follow. The trip is planned for 2022. More about Mirjam: Animal Soul Academy.


Jordan Cultural Tour and 3 Days Horse or Camel Ride in the Desert with Victoria Lagerwey

Her own group is already eager to go to Jordan to make this trip. Of course with horseback riding or camel riding in the Wadi Rum and connection with the animals. Her group has asked about energetic portals in Jordan to be able to meditate and make sounds (chanting). Besides visiting a number of highlights such as Petra, the Dead Sea and Aqaba. Her trip is planned for February 2022. This trip is a trip that we already have in our range, but as you can see, everything can always be adapted to your wishes. More about Victoria: Puurplan

Sense Jordan with Hemera Margrieta

An art trip, with the places Hemera has special memories of, because she knows the country well. Of course with Petra and the Wadi Rum. Also Amman and Um Qais and maybe more places in the north. During the journey you will follow the Sense Jordan creative art with Hemera’s guidance. The Wadi Rum and other places lend themselves to the creation of intuitive art. You don’t need to have any experience or predisposition to do it. Material from nature is used as well as paper and color. Letting out what keeps you busy in order to meet yourself, together with the group. From experience I can say that you will be amazed at what comes to light. After a dark period in my life with a lot of abuse, I didn’t dare to show myself anymore, didn’t want to be in photos. Harma has given me confidence again in the first course I followed with her, the photos with me prove that I have crossed that threshold. The workshops I have followed so far have brought me to a higher level, brought me back to who I am. The trip is planned somewhere, as it seems now, in the autumn of 2022. The special situation in which we now live has made us decide not to rush anything because what is in a good barrel does not sour.

If you want to read Hemera’s story, she has written a chapter in the e-book “Jordan in scents and colors“. You will receive the e-book at your email address.

Yin Yoga Journey with Marion Solaki

Marion has been inspired by yoga since she was 10 years old. With training in different countries, she has her environment and home in many places. She now gives them yoga sessions in Greece, Spain, Morocco, the Netherlands and now she will accompany a wonderful journey with Jin yoga in Jordan. Marion has traveled through Jordan before and knows the places the trip will take. Petra, Wadi Rum retreat with camels and Aqaba.

More about Marion: Solaki yoga

Search for the soul of the Bedouin life, with Tina Bakker
Bedoeïenenleven in Wadi Rum

Still in the making, but promising. Young people from the Netherlands meet young people and Bedouins in Jordan. A journey where sustainability, local interactions, living as a Bedouin are central. Visits to women’s cooperatives to encourage ancient crafts in Jordan such as weaving, pottery making, mosaic crafts are not lost. That the patterns used that are recognizable for each tribe continue to live on. Not to continue living in the past, but to integrate the cultural value into the fast-paced modern life. And to give the women who are not yet used to working outside their family a chance at home to work with other women and generate an income. Of course, the group also works on its own to learn, record and take home the old motifs.

Nomad in the desert

The young people experience for themselves what life is like in the desert, the burning sun, perhaps a sandstorm, but also gathering firewood for the fire. Sleeping in the open air, trekking on foot. With as icing on the cake herding the herd of wandering Bedouins, a visit to their tent, somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the desert is planned. I wonder where we will find them in the desert.

Young people connection with animals

There is a shelter for stray dogs in Aqaba. At the moment, with more than 400 dogs being put over the fence, dropped off or picked up (usually injured by accident or abuse) almost daily, the site is quite full. The dogs receive their vaccinations and are spayed. Veterinarians from abroad regularly come to operate on a group of dogs, while local vets have also committed themselves to the shelter for the daily needs. It is possible to virtually adopt a dog, a few are adopted and travel out of the country. They are the most friendly dogs I have ever seen. The group is allowed to do volunteer work, hand out food, clean the areas where the dogs live and especially give a lot of attention and hugs.

And with sports

Local youth and the youth group from the Netherlands connect with a football match. Working together with the same goal to win through healthy competition. A mixed team that afterwards, whatever the outcome, will sit together to celebrate the outcome and share life experiences. The trip is planned for the fall of 2022.

One-time trips

We are curious what you feel about these wonderful trips. Most trips can be found via the button below on our website or via the link on the website of the guest coach. Let us know if there is interest? Some trips are one-time, such as the Intuitive desert trip Jordan 2022 with Mirjam Diepenbrock.


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Lots of love from the desert

Brenda van den Brink

Marhaba (welcome) from Jordan. Brenda has been in an intimate relationship with the country of Jordan since 2003. In love with the desert, passionate about the Arabian desert horses, she left for Jordan in 2009 to live as a Bedouin in her beloved desert. The first 9 months in a tent, in the middle of nowhere. Her son and the horses around her. After a number of nomadic wanderings in different places, including Petra, she settled in the beautiful Wadi Rum desert. Together with colleague and “brother” Abdullah Alzwaydeh, she founded Jordan Desert Journeys. A real “family” business to let guests experience an authentic Bedouin life experience in the desert. An unforgettable journey, often together with the horses, camels, adopted stray dogs and local employees.