Studie tour Arabische therapieën, Jordan Desert Journeys
For therapists, in the desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan

Study trip Arabian therapies Jordan

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Study trip Arabian therapies Jordan

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A study tour with wellness based on Arabic therapies. For centuries, and still today, the Bedouins have used these therapies to preventively stay healthy. Also in case of pain or complaints, for relief or improvement. These therapies promote community health. That is why they are surprising and innovative in the western wellness world. We apply these therapies during the retreats. In the desert among the Bedouins of Wadi Rum, during this study tour of Arabic therapies, you will master the techniques and backgrounds by performing and feeling them yourself. This way you, as a massage therapist or beautician, learn how to apply them yourself in your practice.

Study trip Arabian massages basic 8 days

  • Hammam rituals in Aqaba
  • Kasaath Hawa
  • Khiaahh Milhh Dead Sea salt stamp massage part 1
  • Jadestone
  • Discover the desert for a day with a jeep tour
  • Visit to Petra

Study trip complete 15 days, the basics as above with extra:

  • Honey massage
  • Khiaahh Milhh part 2
  • The Secrets of the Dead Sea with Treatments and Anti-Cellulite Massage
  • Kasaath Hawa and Khiaahh Milhh advanced
  • Workshop and massage with gemstones
  • Detox massage
  • Floating in the Dead Sea

Extension if you have already followed the basics, 9 days

You arrive the day before the honey massage up to and including floating in the Dead Sea as above with the 15 day study trip.

7 Reasons to book an Arabian therapies study tour:

  • Study in the country where the therapies are applied on a daily basis
  • Therapy in nature in the desert
  • Learn ancient healing methods that work as therapy to apply in your practice
  • Both work yourself and feel everything because you are also a model
  • Expand your range
  • Study and vacation in Jordan
  • Work with everything nature has to offer


Everything you want to know about Arabian therapies and massages

Although in Dutch: An extensive review (blog) in “” by Arjan Mulder about wellness in Jordan and the Wadi Rum.

Jordanië – welkom in Wadi Rum

Tour Plan



  • Arrival in Jordan
  • Transport to the desert the Wadi Rum
    Arrive at the airport where the driver will be waiting for you to take you to the Wadi Rum desert. Your stay is a nicely located comfortable desert camp. The traditional Bedouin dinner served is delicious, with many extras on the buffet. You sleep in a shared tent on beds with private sanitary facilities.


  • Meet the Bedouins and join them in the 4x4wheel
  • Get to know the Bedouin life and the environment
    Acclimate in the desert. After breakfast, the 4x4wheel jeep is waiting to pick you up with the local Bedouins for a tour of the Wadi Rum. Lunch is on the way in nature. After lunch, you have the opportunity to take a walk to ground yourself in a special area. You spend the night in the same desert camp.


After breakfast in the desert camp, the theory of this special, intensive therapy, the Kasaath Hawa, follows. Afterwards, the 4x4wheel is packed and ready to take you with your luggage into the desert where lunch is prepared in an exceptional place.
After lunch the practice of the Kasaath Hawa takes place in a sheltered place in the middle of the desert. Massage tables are ready in nature where no one can see. The Bedouin create a fantastic private atmosphere where you practice undisturbed.
Next to this place the Bedouins set up the temporary camp for the night. You live like a Bedouin and get a glimpse into their lives. They are the ones involved in the tour and in the study. You can't get any closer to the source.
After the lesson you will have time to enjoy and explore the desert together or alone, whether you go for a walk, read a book, gather wood or just relax.
Meanwhile, the Bedouins get to work preparing the dinner they cook fresh in the desert. If you like cooking or want to collect recipes, feel free to take a look or help with the cooking. I speak from experience that it is very interesting. The Bedouin spend a lot of time and love cooking a tasty and nutritious meal. Every family has its own "secret" spice mixture to turn a meal into a delicacy.
After you've "taste" the scents for a while, it's time to really eat the tasty meal. The campfire is burning, the tea, often with herbs, is ready. Make it easy on yourself. In the meantime, the beds are made where you can gaze at the stars for a while before you fall asleep in the open air.


After breakfast, the theory of the Khiaahh Milhh, Dead Sea Salt Stamp Massage starts in the same place. You will learn how to make the stamps of pure Dead Sea salt simple. You will learn to make the stamps and how to apply the massage before lunchtime.
After another delicious lunch you will practice all the points and feel the effect of this therapy.
After the practical lesson, the Bedouins pack everything on the 4x4 wheels to move us to a new special place with new views in the Wadi Rum.
Then there is dinner and camp for the night. Again in an energetic and inspiring place somewhere in the desert.


Energy from the earth, from the magical place in the desert where you stay.
After breakfast you will get started with the frequencies of gemstones. First the theory, where you are already surrounded by the vibrations that the crystals emit. The Jadestone massage consists of learning 3 different types of massages. The first is working with the gems on the body, the second is an infinite massage to balance the left and right brain hemispheres using the lemniscate symbol and Jade stones. The third is an energetic, holistic massage.
Of course there is a coffee/tea break and lunch every day. You will stay in this place and have the opportunity to enjoy the desert after the lesson.
As every day, there is something delicious and different on the menu that the Bedouins prepare for you today. Your last night in the desert is today.


After breakfast, the Bedouins will take you back to the driver who transports you to Aqaba. Your overnight stay is on the Red Sea.
At arrival in Aqaba the luggage goes straight to the resort while the driver waits to take you to the Hammam. First everyone will feel the famous cleansing ritual performed in the Hammam in Aqaba center.
After lunch in Aqaba at a restaurant where you will taste Arabic delicacies, the driver brings you back to the resort.
Once back you first have the opportunity to go to the beach and even snorkel.
Before or after dinner the theoretical lessons about the different Hammam treatments and the requirements to perform this treatment are teached.
With the smell of the rippling sea in the background, it's easy to fall into a deep sleep.


After breakfast, your driver will be waiting to take you to Petra, the rose-red city in the mountains. For many, the highlight of Jordan. Petra, while sprawling, is much busierthan the desert. This immediately gives you an impression of what it once was like in its heyday, about 2000 years ago when the city was inhabited with about 50,000 inhabitants. Stalls along the "road", now with Bedouins. It is absolutely worth it. You continue to marvel in Petra.
Later in the afternoon, the driver takes you to Madaba (for Amman airport) or Aqaba (for Aqaba airport) to spend the night there.

For those who stay

After Petra you will be taken back to the desert camp for dinner and overnight.

Welcome to Jordan for the new arrivals

Arrival in Jordan of those who come for the extension Arab therapies. The driver will be waiting for you at the airport to take you to a desert camp in Wadi Rum. There you dine and stay overnight.


For the ones who depart today

The day of departure also comes too quickly for a study trip of a week. With 4 certificates of completed training, you will be taken to the airport by the driver depending on the time of your flight. Beybey Jordan. We will miss you, you will be warmly welcomed at home.

For the new arrivals and the ones following the full training

After breakfast in the desert camp you follow the theory of the Honey Massage. Before lunch, the Bedouins come with the 4x4wheel pickup to pick you up with the luggage to go into the desert of Wadi Rum. They prepare a delicious lunch in an exceptionally beautiful place in nature. The massage tables are now ready to practice the honey massage on each other after lunch and to master the specific grips of this "reverse" massage.
After the practical lesson there is time to explore the area around the temporary camp on your own or together. The Bedouins have further "built up" the place for a cozy get-together. The Bedouins, who are fantastic cooks of the local cuisine, are already preparing dinner. The campfire is burning where we all gather. Until suddenly the Bedouins come up with a fantastic plate on the "table" where the most delicious scents hypnotize your nose. Enjoy your meal, welcome back to the desert.
The mattresses are made up so that you can comfortable stretch out and enjoy the day. Gaze at the stars or join by the fire for a while.


For the theory of the Khiaahh Milhh Dead Sea salt stamp massage part 2 and repetition part 1 we stay in the same place after breakfast. The theory will be short and well before lunch we continue a little further to another beautiful energetic place in the desert. After another delicious fresh lunch we go to the practice place in nature where the tables are ready. You learn on your model and feel the points on your body where the salt stamps exert pressure.
Of course you will have the opportunity to explore the new environment after the practical lesson.
The Bedouins will once again happily occupy themselves with preparing dinner. You may like to gather some wood or light the fire, or sit with the Bedouins or help them prepare the meal. You are free, you don't have to do anything, what you like to do is allowed.
Are you already looking forward to another night under the stars?


Today you will learn to work with minerals and salts from nature, the Dead Sea, which your body recognizes and appreciates. Healthy cosmetics and its applications on the skin to restore the balance to a healthy body. Before the lunch break you feel all the products on your own skin and you immediately see what they do to your skin.
After the morning program, a new magical place in the desert awaits us.
What will the Bedouins serve today?
The afternoon consists of practicing the treatments and the Anti-cellulite massage
The desert beckons you to explore further. Which treasures have you already come across and ended up in your bag?
The desert and the Bedouins have their own rhythm. Are you already resonating with the Bedouin life and the day and night rhythm without time?
The feast of cooking begins again, what will appear on the "table" today?
The Bedouins love the nightlife in the desert and today take you on a night ride in the area. I can only say that it is enchanting. Experience the serene silence of the night.
Once back in what has become your own familiar slumber, you fall into a deep sleep, knowing that the stars and the moon are watching over you.


A very interesting study day in which you will learn to recognize and trace the connection between pain points, feelings and emotions. Because at the moment many coaches also give massages, you can put your finger on what is really going on in the body, which is sometimes difficult to put into words.
The day proceeds just like the previous days in the desert. A deep connection with the earth, the sand you are in all day and with the universe you sleep under. In yet another inspiring place in the desert.


Energies, vibrations, frequencies that you can apply in massages are on the menu for today.
Gemstones possess these properties and can bring your body back into balance. The gemstone workshop will let you know more about your past, present and the path you are about to walk. Applying, holding and massaging with the use of gemstones has an intense effect on various layers in the body. Today you experience it.
The day goes about in the same rhythm as you are used to. The Bedouins make yet another type of meal to spoil your taste buds, a different taste sensation every day.
This is your last night under the stars in the desert.


Many physical complaints for which one goes to a therapist, masseur or coach have their origin in another area. A detox can do everyone good unless you have serious underlying complaints or your doctor advises against it. It purifies your body from within. At the same time, you will learn 3 abdominal massages on the intestines to support the detoxification process.
For a change, we're staying in the same place today. At the end of the lesson, everything will be packed and secured on the jeeps to take you to a desert camp for enjoying the dinner and spend the night. There you share a tent with a bathroom to freshen up in the way you are used to.
We are curious if you also feel how rich a life in the desert can be.


After so many days in the desert living the Bedouin life, today you drive to the Dead Sea.
The driver will pick you up early after breakfast. A breathtaking landscape to see during the trip to the Dead Sea. FTo float and feel how you are being pushed up by the salt water. How wonderful it is to rub yourself with mud and let it dry in the sun.
After so many different massages that you have experienced these weeks and floating in the Dead Sea you will be able to return home very relaxed tomorrow. Full of energy to get started right away with everything you've learned.
Dinner is in Madaba or Aqaba where you will stay overnight, close to the airport.


Whether you've been on the program for two weeks and learned all of the therapies and massages, or just hopped in for the sequel, the time to head back home is your last day in Jordan.
Depending on the time of the flight, the driver will take you to the airport in Amman or Aqaba. You will be home in a few hours.

Dates 2021-2022:

On request

Prices starting from: 

Basic training 8 days:

2-6 persons 1495 JOD per person, 1 person 1895 JOD

Full training 15 days:

2-4 persons 2995 JOD per person, 1 person 3695 JOD

Extension if you have followed the basic training, 9 days:

2-4 persons 1850 JOD per person, 1 person 2100 JOD


  • All transportation in Jordan from the airport to the airport
  • Overnight and breakfast basic training 8 days: 2 x hotel Aqaba and Madaba, 2 x desert camp, 3 x under the stars
  • Overnights full training 15 days: 2 x hotel Aqaba and Madaba, 4 x desert camp, 8 x under the stars
  • Extension after basic education 9 days: 1 x hotel Madaba, 2 x desert camp, 5 x under the stars
  • All meals, water, tea and coffee during the training days
  • All massage training and supplies to use during training
  • Visit to Petra (Basic and full training)
  • Dead Sea experience at a hotel with private beach (Full and extension training)
  • Jeep Tour in Wadi Rum (Basic and full training)
  • Visit to the hammam (Basic and full training)
  • Instruction manuals for every massage
  • Certificate Arabian massage specialist
  • The training is in English by Brenda van den Brink


  • Flight to Jordan
  • Visa and ticket Petra, Wadi Rum via the Jordanpass that you order online
  • Travel insurance for world travel, cancellation insurance
  • Meals on the day of arrival and departure. Day 2, lunch in Petra. Lunch at the Dead Sea, meals in Aqaba
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks
  • Extra costs for early arrival or late departure
  • Gratuities
  • Additional excursions
  • Massage supplies for your practice
  • Personal expenses