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Wellness and women empowerment Jordan

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Wellness and women empowerment Jordan

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A 10-day connection journey for women, with wellness and women’s empowerment. Find wellness at the source in nature, at unique energetic locations. A gift that Mother Earth gives us, to recharge our batteries in nature. Empowerment by encouraging each other as women. By exchanging cultural and experiences from daily life you strengthen the mutual bond. An encounter with progressive, working women in Jordan. Working together creatively, in connection with the local women. Relaxation, wellness in the most exotic places, sharing mutual knowledge with women, creative collaboration.

A new perspective of travel, discovering Jordan from a different point of view. Come home with a work of art that you have made yourself using authentic Jordanian traditions.


The Journey

The journey leads via Amman where you visit the Jordan River Foundation to Madaba, the place where the ancient mosaic craft is still alive. Of course you will float in the Dead Sea and cover yourself completely with the healing black mud from the Dead Sea.

Visit the successful women of the tribe de Bani Hamida who are known for their weaving projects, you will see their work on display.

You don’t realize that Jordan’s desert landscape has natural hot, medicinal springs and many natural waterfalls. You’re going to experience it!

In the non-touristy town of Safi, south of the Dead Sea, which is known for the revived indigo production, formerly also known for sugar production and the many sugar cane fields, you will dye a shawl yourself in shades obtained from plants.



In wonderful Petra you do not go with the daily tourist flow. You visit all special places with a guide who leads you from the mountains to the back, the Monastery. Along the way he brings you into contact with special plants, and there is a meditation in an energy-rich place. You will experience Petra as in the heyday of the Nabatean empire. You’ll spend the night in nearby Dana.



In Dana you visit the women’s workshop that uses nature as a source of inspiration in the most beautiful silver jewelry. Young women are trained in this craft to prevent their goats from destroying nature. Dana is known for the most diverse plant and animal species in Jordan. Dana is located on a mountain, is a ruin village where films are regularly shot, you will discover it on a nice walk.


Wadi Rum

In the afternoon you will go to one of the most beautiful deserts in the world, the Wadi Rum. To get your first impressions of the desert with a jeep safari or on a camel and experience one of the spectacular sunsets.

After a night in a quiet desert camp with all the necessary luxury in your tent, you will meet the horses. The wisdom of the entire flock will guide you on your further path in life. Are there still things that you have to process, how are you now in your power, in your energy? After a delicious lunch somewhere in a special energetic place, immerse yourself in Arabic mysteries, therapies that are as old as time. A blessing for your body and soul. The massage table is ready to bring you deep into yourself, surrounded by nature.

In this setting and after the session, a young woman will come to join you in the evening. An active woman who works in women’s empowerment in the village to set up projects where they can learn and revive “lost” handicrafts. An initiative led by NGOs to involve more women to work. This woman has a degree in English and speaks multiple languages ​​such as Spanish and Korean. You spend the night in nature like a real Bedouin.



The morning is spent in the women’s cooperative in the village of Diseh. It is known for creating ceramics, glazes and mosaics. Some women are real artists, they rise above the level of manual labor and are given the space to realize their own contribution. During this pleasant morning you will be initiated into their arts.

You will experience and eat lunch at the Bedouin home!



You will spend the afternoon at the Red Sea in Aqaba. Enjoy the treasures in the sea, the sun and the beach.

A power woman who has lived in Jordan for most of her life, has been concerned with the fate of the many street dogs. Meanwhile, the shelter she set up just a few years ago with a dozen dogs has grown into a shelter of more than four hundred dogs. Outgrown, but with a view on a new, larger location. You’re going to meet her and the dogs to see what one woman can move with now just a few hands of help. The dogs with her are safe, fed, well cared for and all receive their vaccinations, medical attention and their spay and neutering.

You meet the fantastic female Jordanian vet who also regularly comes to help at the shelter on a voluntary basis.
Spend the afternoon in the spa! A spa set up by another Jordanian power woman, she has made her dream come true, a spa and fitness center for women. Are you going to opt for the hammam, for a massage, facial treatment and a manicure/pedicure?
The souk in Aqaba is a feast of color, scent and local people who mainly come to shop in the evening. Are you tempted to bring the taste, smell and memories of Jordan with you?


De terugreis

After all those different impressions, where your senses have felt, tasted, smelled, seen and heard, the time has come to return home. Full of praise for the delicacies that are conjured up from the Jordanian kitchen, which you have been able to try every day. A deep dive into the culture and especially looking for connection with women. Literally visited and experienced the other side of Jordan. A journey that gives you energetic strength and has shown the power of the women who really set change in motion. You have figuratively crawled behind the veil and will see this memory many times when you get home.


8 Reasons to book this wellness and women empowerment group tour:

  • Relax in nature
  • Enjoy the pure springs in nature
  • Visit places that give you energy
  • Exchange and connection of Arab and Western culture
  • Meet local women
  • A mix of wellness in nature, women empowerment and creativity
  • Share knowledge with women
  • Empower yourself and each other

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Tour Plan



Welcome to the other Jordan with an inspiring women's journey where you will enjoy wellness in natural springs. Coming much into contact with the women who both fulfill the traditional role in society and at the same time have developed themselves to mean something in society. You spend the night right next to the colorful center of Amman.



After some sightseeing in Amman, you will visit the Citadel, the place where Amman originated, with a lot of history, with a nice view over the city. After a look at the old souk, you imagine yourself completely in the Middle East. Colours, smells, you really come across everything, before we go up on one of the mountains on which Amman is built. The Jordan River Foundation is located there and exhibits much of the work of what Jordanian women create in workshops. At this place you can taste a delicious lunch from the Jordanian cuisine.

Dead Sea

After lunch you leave Amman behind and descend to the deepest point on earth, the Dead Sea. You experience what it is like to float in the salt water, how you are pushed up by the mineral-rich, healing water. As icing on the cake, there is natural black mud, already mined from the Dead Sea, to cover you completely. Let the mud dry on your skin in the sun and then remove most of it in the Dead Sea. There are showers available to wash the last remains.


Can you imagine what a sunset looks like over the Dead Sea? You will experience it yourself. Only then do you leave for Madaba where dinner and overnight are.


Madaba mosaics

Madaba is the stronghold in Jordan where mosaic plays the leading role since ancient times. It is still the place where mosaic is produced. You visit a workshop where women and people with disabilities are at home in producing art with the most minuscule stones, designed from what has been excavated in mosaic over time. In addition to own work/art that can be found in the workshop.

Weaving project

Along a spectacular landscape, the Moab from the bible, via a winding road through the mountains you reach Mukawer, also a place with a long history but also the center of the women's project of the tribe the Bani Hamida. The main occupation of the women is spinning, yarn dyeing and weaving, on a large scale, even for IKEA. Because a lot of work is done at home, you will not always find the women at the place, but you will find their work!

Ma'in hotsprings

On the way to Ma'in, a simple but genuine local lunch is bought to eat later at the hot springs and waterfall. You will spend the rest of the afternoon at the hot springs that were already known in Roman times, which can be seen in the hot steam cave behind the waterfall. Under the waterfall you can be massaged by the power of the water from the mountains. Many Jordanians also come here to bathe in the sulfur-rich waters to promote their health. It's already spectacular to see the families who come to bathe. Ma'in is a green oasis with various flowers, trees, streams, multiple waterfalls and mountains. Interesting to see how Jordan handles such a special and healing place. You will spend the night in Madaba again with a delicious dinner in an unexpected place.


After sweeping views along the entire Jordanian side of the Dead Sea, you arrive at the Ghor, the farming villages south of the Dead Sea. Along the way you will also see how the water level of the Dead Sea is dropping. The southern Dead Sea, where Dead Sea salt is also extracted, is almost dry.

Indigo en andere natuurlijke kleuren

In the old town of Safi, formerly known for sugar production, discovered through excavations, the women's cooperative has started setting up indigo plantations. Not surprising because it was all there before. Old crafts are being revived. Not only indigo is used for the natural coloring of the yarn, you will hear and see more about it during your visit.

Dyeing textiles

With the women you get to work for the first time, for example you dye your own shawl or t-shirt with patterns that the natural colors you paint at that moment inspire you. There is also a shop with ready-made products.

Spectacular drive to Petra

After a local lunch, you'll take a spectacular drive through the mountains to Petra. With regularly stops to take in the various breathtaking views. Depending on the time of arrival you will visit Small Petra today. There you will see a cave with frescoes of grapes and angels that is not to find in Petra. A nice introduction before you arrive in the large overwhelming Petra. Spending the night in Petra, where the many terraces invite you for a delicious meal.


Hike and meditation in the mountains of Petra

Petra is more than the site where most tourists come. The area around it is just as enchanting. A nice walk through the mountains with a guide where you already come across some monuments. In a beautiful and powerful place in the mountains we sit together for a healing guided meditation for yourself and for your loved ones. How beautiful that you see the greatness of the "Monastery" as the first monument and notice how small you are yourself. Today you will enjoy the splendor of colors and the many monuments that you will encounter along the way. Draped in different styles and shapes over the dirt roads, stones and stairs. People used to live there, until recently the Bedouins.

Petra, wandering in history and time

In the morning you will receive a packed lunch for later. Do take enough water with you. It's not hard to imagine how Petra thrived in its heyday. Nowadays, all kinds of things are traded in the stalls along the path. Along the way you will hear a lot about the water supply in Petra, how the city developed, different peoples lived there and how it was destroyed by earthquakes. There is a lot above ground and it is guesswork what else is hidden. The city disappeared from memory for a long time when the city was abandoned. Until the 19th century the disguised Swiss Burckhardt was led there by Bedouins on a pilgrimage to the Aronsberg (mount Haroun) where the tomb of the brother of Moses is located.

Red glow

In the afternoon the sun sets the most famous monument the "Treasury" in a red glow. Just before you walk through the Siq that also has so much to tell, to the starting point. There you will be picked up to take you to Dana, a small ruined village on a mountain for dinner and overnight.



Dana with the beautiful views, through the gorge you can see the sand plain of the Wadi Araba, the border with Israel / Palestine. Some people still live in the ruins, hotels have even been built in the ruins. A romantic setting and it is not surprising that the town is also used as a film set.

Silver jewelry inspired by nature

A silver workshop is located in the visitor center. Young women have learned to convey nature in their jewelry so that they no longer have to herd their goats in the nature reserve where the largest collection of flora: herbs, flowers, plants and trees and fauna, wildlife can be found in all of Jordan .

Green walk

Afterwards there is a small walk along a mountain stream, the mosque, many gardens and lots of greenery, ending at a waterfall that is unfortunately hidden from view but to hear.

Via Kings Way to Wadi Rum

Once back, there will be a simple lunch and you will be taken to the desert in Wadi Rum. Another breathtaking drive through the mountains on the Kings Way. With a view of the Wadi Rum in the halfway in the distance.

Sunset with the camels

Sunsets are almost always spectacular in the desert, with the backdrop of mountains and rocks that change color as the sun gets lower. To immediately step into the desert feeling, let yourself be taken on a camel to a beautiful place where you can see the sun quickly set behind the mountains. You can also opt for a 2-hour jeep tour to see some of the wonders of the desert and then gather at the camels for the sunset.

Desert camp

You spend the night in a beautifully situated desert camp with a small bathroom in your "tent". Dinner usually consists of a meal that is cooked underground. Flanked by a buffet with vegetables and salad.


Horse wisdom session

Introduction to the noble desert horse. Although hardened by desert life, these Arabian horses are extremely sensitive. They sense your energy and react to it as soon as you come near them. You start with a short guided mediation and then approach "your" horse. You get in words what the horse wants to tell you through its behavior and through telepathy to us. The horse helps you to heal yourself with its energy that is always in the now.

Welcoming the desert

After the sessions and a lunch with the horses or later in the desert, we leave for the desert with fully loaded jeeps, in which everything is included for a night's stay including your luggage. We make our own camp for the therapeutic sessions and the overnight stay in a beautiful, powerful place of silence.

Arabian therapies

Everyone gets an intensive detox massage that lets you relax at the same time. The environment invites you to explore, the mattresses are too tempting to rest on. Feel free to walk barefoot to ground yourself and let the sun touch you to fill you with positive energy.

Company of a Jordanian power woman

There's company coming tonight. A young Jordanian power woman who studied English and works with NGOs to support women's development through courses and creative traditions that they re-learn. you can ask her all your questions, she will gladly and carefully answer them after her introduction.

Dinner with the Bedouin

What can the Bedouins do with cooking. They prepare a delicious Bedouin meal from scratch. In the desert you live the Bedouin life with them. This way you also eat the meal in their surprising way.

Sleeping under the stars

Have you ever slept in nature with a star blanket around you? Tonight is your chance to experience this someday. It is a magical experience to fall asleep under the light of the moon and the millions of stars.


Creative with Bedouin women

Some Bedouin women still know the tradition of spinning and weaving and the patterns of the tribe, others have learned to make pottery and glazes. This morning you will meet one of them to be creative with them. And of course exchange stories, often with translation, some know a little English.

Lunch with the Bedouin

Lunch is at the home of a Bedouin family. Often the home-made meals are even better than what you get in a restaurant. Knowledge that is passed from mother to daughter including the secret mixture of spices that is not hot but gives the meal exactly that special touch to make the taste exotic.

Aqaba, sun, sand and sea

Aqaba on the Red Sea beckons you. Surrounded by sea and purple mountains. The Arab atmosphere in the souk that you will experience tomorrow. Now you go to a Red Sea resort, 50 meters walk to the sea. Most resorts are equipped for diving and snorkeling to the corals and tropical fish. There is a swimming pool. This afternoon you are free to choose what you want. You spend the night at the resort, by the sea.


Power woman running a shelter for stray dogs
Cuddle dogs at the shelter. The shelter is run by a power woman who has taken fate on the suffering of the many stray dogs. What started as a shelter for a dozen dogs has grown into more than 400 dogs that she has taken under her wing. Her story is remarkable, her life with the dogs and many cats is not always easy in a country like Jordan. She is a fighter and is supported by many. A woman to have a lot of admiration for.
Woman vet with a mission
We stay with the animals and visit a female vet who has saved or improved the lives of many dogs and cats. She also helps with the many street dogs and cats by ensuring that fewer little ones are born. A woman with a mission.
Pampering in the Spa
After a delicious lunch in the city, you can relax in the Spa, again run by a power woman and only accessible to women. For fitness and wonderful treatments. There is a hammam where the Moroccan hammam ritual is performed, or do you opt for a fantastic body massage, a facial treatment or manicure/pedicure? Let yourself be pampered by skilled hands.
In the evening, dine in town and mingle with the locals who often come into the souk with their families. Everything is open, the street is cozy and the shops are inviting. You will overnight in the city of Aqaba.


With a suitcase full of memories you go to the airport to fly home. Aqaba airport is a half hour drive. Amman Airport is a 4.5 hour drive.

Dates 2021-2022:

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Prices from 1395 JOD for more than 6 people

1530 JOD per person with 2-5 participants  


  • All transportation in Jordan from the airport to the airport
  • Hotel accommodation with breakfast for 7 nights, based on a double room with bath or shower and toilet, 1 x desert camp, 1 x under the stars
  • Overnight stay, 9: Amman, 2 x Madaba, Petra, Dana, Wadi Rum desert camp, in nature under the stars, Aqaba by the Sea, Aqaba city
  • Dead Sea experience at a hotel with private beach
  • Entrance Ma'in
  • All workshops and visits to women
  • Guide in Petra
  • Camel Ride or Jeep Tour in Wadi Rum
  • All therapies in the desert and treatment at the Spa in Aqaba
  • Guidance by Dutch-speaking hostess


  • Flight to Jordan
  • Visa and ticket Petra, Wadi Rum and Amman sites via the Jordanpass that you order online
  • Travel insurance for world travel, cancellation insurance
  • Meals on the day of arrival. Day 2, lunch in Amman. Day 4, dinner in Petra. Day 8 and 9, dinner in Aqaba. Day 10 lunch and dinner on the day of departure
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks
  • Extra costs for early arrival or late departure
  • Gratuities
  • Additional excursions
  • Personal expenses