Themareis wandelen en klimmen, Jordanië. Jordan Desert Journeys
Theme trips in the Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

Theme Hiking and Climbing

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Trip themes walking/hiking- and climbing in the Wadi Rum desert

Travel slowly through the desert. Enjoy the sand and rocks. Your footprints leave an unforgettable memory in the desert. An ecological way of traveling.

You are looking for a hiking or climbing tour/trip because you:

  • Seek connection with nature
  • Prefer a sporty holiday
  • Want to leave a minimal environmental imprint in the country you are visiting
  • Finally have time to take those long walks
  • Want to push boundaries with a new climb
  • Are eager to conquer the highest mountain in Jordan
  • Want to enjoy the views

Hiking with family and friends

A hiking trip with your children in the beautiful Wadi Rum desert is an experience that penetrates deeply and will give you a greater sense of togetherness. Going into nature together and walking towards the horizon. You can be proud of the desert on foot. On some stretches you walk easily but sometimes you struggle through the deep soft sand. Sometimes you walk over stones and rocks. The desert is so varied that you never tire of it.

Climbing in the desert for everyone who is sporty

Wadi Rum desert has several challenges to climb. The highest mountain is the Um Addami, which anyone can climb without ropes. The Burda bridge is a bit more challenging because it partly involves ropes. For example, there are also other mountains that are worth climbing. If you want to climb professionally, we would like to refer you to colleagues who are specialized in this.