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Theme trips in the Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

Theme Retreats/meditation/healing

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Trip themes Retreats, Meditation, Healing in the Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

In the silence of the desert, a retreat will bring you back to yourself. Different meditations bring you a deep rest and relaxation and take you to areas in yourself that you may have “forgotten” or where you could not reach. Loving healing adapted to you to restore the energetic magnetic field in and around you so that your self-healing ability is stimulated.

You are looking for a retreat with meditation and healing because you:

  • Want to withdraw from everyday life
  • Seek connection with nature
  • Feel that you are being asked too much (work, family)
  • Want to live in the here and now
  • Are at a crossroad in your life
  • Want to find yourself after stressful events
  • Want to get rid of limiting beliefs

Reflection, meaning in practice

A retreat is to withdraw for a while, often in a quiet place in nature. Nothing, just a place to reflect. Step out of your everyday activities. You can be there, in the here and now. There is no distraction and not even a connection or WiFi. It is about the meaning of your existence, about your personal expectations that are central to your life. This journey is for you because you are the one who is most important now. Rusted patterns in your life take on a different dimension.

What can you expect during the desert retreat in Jordan?

  • Wisdom of the Bedouins and their view of life during the campfire.
  • Walk in silence through the desert, alone or with your horse or camel.
  • Desert coaching using the energetic powers of the desert.
  • Connection with the stars, the moon, the planets.
  • Sleeping in nature under the starry sky for a deep connection with mother earth and the universe.
  • Artistic activities.
  • Openings to give substance to your dream life by stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • Massage, Arabic therapies, healing, desert meditations, inspiring cards.


  • The deep insights you gain during the retreat help you make the right decisions in your life.
  • The purely natural efforts and relaxation help reset your body to a healthy lifestyle.
  • During a desert retreat, you will discover what is really important in life. After that it is easier to let go of obstructive activities, beliefs and thoughts. *
  • The desert heals your deep-seated false beliefs and helps you turn them into a healthy self-image.
  • The desert is a spiritual environment that makes you more powerful in your connection to God or the universe.
  • During the retreat you will return to your base, to who you really are.
  • The first steps towards your dream life.
  • A desert retreat will always stay with you to return to in your mind.

* It may be that in the first days all pain comes to the surface. That is allowed and is good. It’s a way to really heal from that, which has been imbalancing your life for a long time.