Module 3 days camel ride in Wadi Rum

Module 3 days camel riding in the Wadi Rum

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Experience the real desert as a Bedouin on a camel.

Seeing: Surrounded by the endless sand plains, between the high, whimsical rocks. The variation of the colors of the desert, the shadows of the sun on the rocks. The night sky. The soft glance with long lashes from your camel.
Hearing: Listening to the deafening silence.
Smelling: The clean, dry air, the animals, the aromas of the bushes and plants, the meals. The smoke from the campfire.
Tasting: The delicious Bedouin meals, much more intense in the open air.
Feeling: The sun on your skin, the wind through your hair, the soft sand under your feet, the warm rocks to lean against, the rocking on your camel.

A pure experience that you will not soon forget.

Walking next to the camels through the Wadi Rum



4x4 Wheel drive during the trip with the camels. Ticket for Wadi Rum. Camel ride 3 days. All nights including breakfast, lunch and dinner (1 night luxury camp, 2 nights bivouac). Drink bottles of water, coffee and tea during the camel ride.


Drinks, tips and personal expenses.

Preparing the fire for tea and cooking in Wadi Rum


Dates 2019:

On request.


Groups 2-4 people: 395 Jd per person

Individual: 450 Jd per person

Contact us for larger groups.

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Camel ride, kilometer after kilometer through the Wadi Rum


Day 1: Arrival in the evening before the camel ride, dinner and overnight in a camp with sanitary facilities in the tent. The next morning departure around 10 am, depending on the season. A 4x4 wheel drive will accompany us with your luggage and all things to stay in the desert. We ride/walk for an hour or two and stop for lunch. After lunch another hour or two with the camels to go. Then, if you want, to gather wood to prepare the meal and for the campfire at night. The camels sleep in your neighborhood. You can almost touch the starry sky.

Day 2: After breakfast, all the stuff is put back in the jeep to go deeper into the desert to enjoy the ride and the environment. Lunch is prepared somewhere on the go, everyone can relax in a beautiful place in the desert. The camels will also get some rest. After lunch we continue the ride to prepare a nice camp after an eventful day of joy. Another night under the stars in the company of your camel.

Day 3: When breakfast is done and everything is packed, a full day camel ride follows in the enchanting desert of Wadi Rum. After lunch we return to the camp from where we started.

You can consider staying in the desert for one more night in the comfortable and cozy camp of the first night, or continue to your next destination.

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