Heling door het energieveld
During a desert retreat or remotely

Energy healing and meditations

  /  Energy healing and meditations

Retreat energy healing and meditations

During a retreat in the desert you will come into contact with different forms of energy healing, meditations and inspiration cards in addition to the Arabic therapies and massage.

  • Healing with horses
  • Sound healing with tuning forks that are in accordance with the universe, the chakras. The mystical Solfeggio tones and some other powerful tones such as the healer Chiron, the Master, Creation, Schumann resonance and the black moon.
  • Healing using the biotensor
  • Magnetize, healing hands
  • The power of gems
  • Support
  • Inspiration Cards
  • Meditation

All energy healing activates your own self-healing ability to then heal yourself.

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Why energy healing?


Everything is energy, you, everything in your environment, but also apparently made things like a table, a steel pole and music. Know the power of words and emotions.

You have positive and negative energy, energy that is good for your body and energy that is negative for your body.

You yourself have a great influence on that. Never forget that your body has an enormous self-healing capacity when you surround yourself with the good energies. Unfortunately, the reverse is also the case, if you surround yourself with negative energies, they can make you sick.

How does energy healing work?


Schumann resonance

Energy is vibration. You can scale these moving vibrations in a graph and this way you get frequencies, the wave movement of the vibrations. Actually, we are electricity plants ourselves, but also WiFi modems. Just as you can call the whole world with a telephone, you can heal yourself with this energy and set the whole world in motion with your frequency. If you tune your inner radio to the correct and pure frequencies, your music will sound clear and has a wide range.

If we see ourselves as an energy body connected to the electromagnetic field of the earth, the possibilities are endless. See the Schumann resonance photo.




Your body is much bigger than you can see. Your energy radiates to your surroundings. It forms a kind of “shield” around you. If you are comfortable in your own skin, physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually, your “shield” is intact. If something goes wrong in your body, the shield shows “holes”. Think not only of physical illnesses, but also of unprocessed circumstances, mental disorders, emotions that are difficult to deal with. All emotions should be there. It’s your decision how you deal with it. Just like with illness or things that have been done to you. It is okay to be a victim for a while to process things, but if you continue to pretend to be a victim, you will never progress. If you see yourself as a victor over something that has happened, as a survivor of stressful situations, then you are on your way to healing yourself.

Because… the intent you send out always comes back to you, sooner or later. And you decide what you send out.


Why in the desert?

Retreat in the desert, Wadi RumWith us you will come into contact with different forms of energy healing that stimulate or reset the self-healing capacity in you. Forms that have always been there but that they wanted you to forget in order to be able to treat you with what modern medicine has to offer. And with what you can buy in “food”.


I’m not saying that everything modern is wrong, but once you go back to what nature has to offer you see that a lot of real health returns. You can’t help it that what seems normal is actually the world upside down. This is how you grew up, with commercials that something is good for you, when in fact the opposite is true. It’s hard to swallow that you’ve been tricked like this, but you can still make the decision today to go back to your authentic self, as you were destined, without the noise of the “wrong” good intentions.


Realizing that it all sounds so simple, especially if you suffer a lot from an incurable disease or conditions that undermine your quality of life. Know that there are plenty of people like you who have healed themselves by looking at their illness differently and have started living completely differently. With the healing energies that are available and with an energy-rich diet from nature.


In the silence of the desert it is easier to feel the energy of your surroundings. Many stimuli from your daily life are not present. You live with the rhythm of day and night, without time. You feel the sun on your skin and you are surrounded by the stars at night. In this environment you more easily come to yourself and what is going on inside you. Your senses open more easily and enhance your experience.


Looking for the silence and finding the silence in yourself for all the answers


Forget all your knowledge from books, TV and other media. If you really want to learn the truth about yourself, your environment and the world, come back to your subconscious where all wisdom is stored. The silence in yourself, the love that is in your heart, what your emotions mean, the connection between all vital cells in your body. You know much more than you can ever imagine.


The forms of energy healing mentioned below are a catalyst to get closer to yourself. Ancient forms of energy healing that early humans already had at their disposal. They help you to reclaim that piece of forgotten consciousness that is already yours.

Traveling through different forms of energy healing in the desert or remotely

-Healing with horses


Healing with horses, Wadi RumHorses are beautiful sensitive creatures. It is a prey animal that will flee if there is danger. They are attentive to their herd and environment. Together they are more likely to survive. By invisible wires they are connected to each other, to their environment and to the people in their neighbourhood. Directly they pick up emotions, thoughts and beliefs that people unconsciously send out. Although the human is not a horse, they trust you to include you in their herd to be a part of them.


Therefore, they can immediately confront you with something unnoticed to yourself by showing a certain reaction. It is up to us to understand, to feel the “language” of the horse, to tell you what the horse wants to express. And horses know no such thing as a lie. They are pure, they live in the moment and only “tell” you your truth in that moment. Through telepathy and through their behavior because they pick up your energy.

That is why horses can be used so well in healing, provided you recognize what is going on with you. Besides being able to feel your energy, they can also be your healers. They send out the energy that you are currently short of to help you heal yourself. That can be an emotion, an event you have ever encountered and even illness. Precisely because they do not speak our language out loud,nwithout words they can “touch” and heal exactly what is bothering you and thus improve your quality of life.

-Sound healing with tuning forks

Which are in accordance with the universe and the chakras. The mystical Solfeggio tones and some other powerful tones such as the healer Chiron, the Master, Creation, Schumann resonance and the black moon.


Sound healing with tuning forks

Sound healing with tuning forks turns out to be a form of healing that does much more than you might initially suspect when you come into contact with the tuning forks.

The resonances, vibrations that the tuning forks create in your body, sometimes work for days in the cells of your body just by listening to the sound. The pure healing tones in which the tuning forks are tuned all have different effects on the body. During the sound bath I let you listen without knowing what the tuning fork does. You hold the tuning forks that appeal to you on your body in order to feel the vibrations throughout your body. Afterwards I will tell you what the chosen tuning forks have worked up. Because the tuning forks are all healing sounds, working on levels in your body that you are sometimes not aware of, “old hurts”, but also, for example, recently arisen severe pain can be healed.


Cymatics Shobak CastleWhat really fascinated me is that you can find tuning forks on old cathedrals, just like the cymatic patterns on stained glass windows and carved ceilings. As if it were places of healing. These ancient forms of healing will play an increasingly important role in our society. In the silence of the desert you are touched with the sounds that have always been in the universe, bringing you back to the state you once were physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. Before you came into contact with the worldly pain.

-Healing and research using the biotensor


Energy healing with the biotensor in the desertI deploy my biotensor, a rod with feeler and crosshead on a handle, in 5 different ways:

  1. Examine the body for irregularities.
  2. Testing whether certain products are good or not good for you.
  3. Asking questions.
  4. Healing.
  5. Finding water and ley lines.

For me the biotensor is a wonderful addition because there are so many possibilities. Sometimes it is difficult for the person to put their finger on something and then the biotensor can offer a solution to obtain the answers in someone’s subconscious. The biotensor works entirely in your energy field.

-Magnetize, healing hands


Magnetizing healing with hands in the desertIs het intunen van de massage therapeut op het overal aanwezige elektromagnetische veld van de aarde. Het doorzenden van deze energie naar iemand anders gebeurd met de handen.

The hands are moved around your body in the energetic field, close to the skin. The universal energy that enters your body in this way helps you to initiate the healing process of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual complaints yourself. It is a loving energy that can give you just that push in the right direction. By the way, there is also a meditation, the Schumann meditation that you do daily to cleanse yourself of everything that you no longer need or that disrupts you. And then fill you with a healing light.

Magnetiseren is zo oud als de tijd. Iedereen kan het, ik (Brenda) wist niet dat ik het kon maar mijn cliënten wezen me er op. Daarna kon ik verklaren waarom mijn magneetkaart om de deur van mijn praktijk te openen, het steeds niet meer deed.

Magnetizing is as old as time. Anyone can do it, I (Brenda) didn’t know I could do it but my clients pointed it out to me. A new world opened up for me. Then I was able to explain why my magnetic card to open the door to my practice kept failing. My hands are drawn to the source of a problem, a kind of telepathy, to pass the electromagnetic energy there.

-The power of gemstones


The power of gemstones

The colour, the shape, the mineral, the hardness or softness, the heat or cold radiation of the semi-precious stones affect you. That has everything to do with energy because every gemstone radiates an energy that may or may not suit you. During a desert retreat we do a gemstone session that can provide more insight into your past, present and where your path leads.

The gemstones can also be used during a massage, where their powerful healing energy supports the massage and gives you an extra push for healing on a subconscious level.


Support retreat in the desertWith everything that may be, may be released and letting go to emotions and convictions. You can keep control in your own hands, knowing that all the answers lie within you. Sometimes you just need that helping hand to the next phase in your life process. Or to just “be there” to hear you and ask questions to give you a broader perspective. Or to support you with one of the energy healings to process what presents itself to you and to be able to move on.

-Inspiration cards


Inspiration cards for insightDrawing a card for the insight of that day, which you take with you in your feelings and thoughts to let the wisdom of the card work on you, sometimes you get an insight, sometimes it is a support on the path on which you move.


Sometimes you have a pressing question that you want to know more about. Then you can first set your intention and then draw the card. And sometimes you think what should I do with this card, it doesn’t suit me at all. Often you get a direction in which the solution can lie. It also happens that the impossibly chosen card does not fall into place until later because your consciousness is ready then to remember. Precisely in the silence of the desert, when it becomes quiet within you, everything is literally and figuratively far away, you get the most beautiful insights, dreams and ideas. The inspiration cards can help you with that, because it is your energy that chooses the card.

-Vision board


Vision board with material from the desertDuring a desert walk, everyone silently, in their own energy, collects objects from the desert sand, stones, wood, plastic, flowers or anything you find and can use for a personal vision board. You will be surprised by what the desert puts in your hands. Link what currently keeps you busy, on to the objects you find and create an artistic impression of your wishes, your past, present and future. Dive into your connection with mother earth through the natural vision board. Explore & find out what she wants to tell you. Share your vision board with the other participants, let your explanation reveal what needs to come to the surface. After that, your pieces of the past are covered with sand, buried. You can take objects that have revealed a special meaning with you.



Meditation, energy healingMeditation is energy. Energy is in the words, in the radiance of the one who is meditating. But also in the silence, when your head finally finds peace. Doesn’t think anymore. There are hardly any stimuli that can distract you in the desert. Nothingness. With meditation you can generate an energy field around you that can cover the entire earth. This light energy takes place in your body. You can fill all your cells with this light. And, this light energy has a healing effect on all parts of your body, even deeper, on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level. Once it is quiet, nothing is, everything is enveloped with loving energy, you can spontaneously gain insights in all kinds of areas. You feel a strong connection with the earth, with the universe, your connection and your place in the whole.

During a retreat you participate in guided meditations that broaden your view of the world, that let you go within to process unresolved parts or giving these parts the right value.

A present special for you


Our gift to you are 5 guided desert meditations with the tone of a tuning fork matching the meditation.

They are part of 33 meditations with the healing sounds of the tuning forks that resonate in the desert. You will receive the desert meditations in your email for 5 days to listen to at your own chosen moment in your own familiar environment or outside in nature.

To receive the meditations, enter your name and email address on the page: 33 Energy enhancing meditations. You will also find more information about the content of the meditations there.