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Trip themes Horseback riding in the Wadi Rum desert

Imagine yourself on a passionate horse, galloping in freedom through the most beautiful landscapes in the desert of Jordan, the Wadi Rum. No restrictions on bridleways, an open desert landscape for you. Mountains, rocks, vast open plains, different colors of sand, dried up lakes full of cracks, sand dunes and stony ground, canyons, narrow passages, the desert terrain is constantly changing.

You are looking for a horse riding tour because you:

  • Have a passion for horses
  • Love long horse rides
  • Want to trek through the endless desert with your Arabian horse
  • Want to make adventurous trips
  • Love to get back to nature
  • Want to be with your horse day and night
  • Are curious about the Bedouin life with horses

Horses are teachers

Horses are among the most special creatures on the planet. The prey animal that has always survived by protecting each other and fleeing in time. The horse was domesticated early on, which you can see in the rock paintings of thousands of years ago that you will find in the desert. Horses quickly scan and mirror anyone who approaches them to quickly know who is in front of them. That is why we can learn so much from them to then act similarly.

Horses love the free life in the desert

The desert is an environment where they like to discover endless distances, to walk, trot and gallop and rocks to hide behind. Our horses like to go out with you and the guides. They know every spot of the desert, even prefer certain areas.

For days you are in the fantastic company of your horse. Go out together every day to experience the desert. A different route every day, the desert continues to amaze you. On some days you will not meet anyone, you are one with your horse and one with the desert.

Option with overnight stay under the stars in the desert
8 Days. Places of interest: Petra, Wadi Rum Dead Sea, Aqaba