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Trip themes Spiritual and consciousness travel in the Wadi Rum desert

A spiritual, consciousness adventure. An inner journey that brings you closer to yourself or to God, in nature, in the arms of the beautiful Wadi Rum desert.

You are looking for a spiritual consciousness tour because you:

  • Seek connection with your higher consciousness
  • Prefer to live more from your heart
  • Want to rely more on your intuition
  • Want to discover your own truth on a deeper level
  • Like to get back to nature
  • Want to develop telepathic gifts
  • Want to connect deeper to your source

Closer to your source

Spirituality is all about your soul, your personal inner experience. You get closer to the universe, the source, the deeper self, the source of life and consciousness or religiously to the one you turn to.

Consciousness is an experience, reflection, an awareness of how you as a human relate to others, to animals, nature and objects. Your senses reflect this in emotions, thoughts, needs.

Enter into a deep spiritual connection with God. The desert is a place you can see empty, while there is so much life. There are hardly any stimuli from trivial life that come to you. In the desert you will find the ultimate seclusion for your prayers in the footsteps of the great prophets.

Live in the rhythm of the desert

Once in the desert, it is easy to follow the rhythm of the desert, the light and warmth of the sun, the darkness of the night, the glow of the moon and the millions of stars. You are included in the nomadic life of the Bedouins. The rocks embrace you, the sand helps you to ground, the vastness of the desert gives you the feeling of freedom. Spiritual awareness is a matter of course.

Obstructive and compelling thoughts stop, your “normal” life seems far away. Do you want to discover what is really important in your life, you make a deep connection with yourself and with your source. In relaxation you will be able to analyze your life course, the beautiful and nasty events. Living in the here and now, you are completely in the rhythm of the desert. When you are in this natural state, it will become easier to make the right decisions for your future when you are at a crossroads in your life.