Module learning horse back riding

Learning horseback riding in the desert of Jordan

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Ever thought you can make a desert tour on horse while you never have tried to ride a horse? Welcome to Jordan Desert Journeys to learn how to ride and enjoy a desert journey on a horse. After 2 days and one hour you will notice your progress. It will be grandiose feeling how you make a bond with your horse while listening to each other. You will learn from the horse as well as from your Bedouin instructor. See how your horse will react on your sitting, your legs, your talking and your hands. Why not trying to take the opportunity to learn horse riding in one of the most beautiful desert on the planet.


After one hour trying on the horse a camp will be made to sleep in the desert under the stars or in tents. Your horse will sleep here as well. Next day the same, you will feel like a nomad of the desert, as the bedouin roaming through the desert. After finishing you will stay in a luxury camp in the desert with sanitary fascilities inside the tent.


Planning a tour in Jordan? Learning horse riding module takes 2,5 day. Before you start an instruction will be given of do's and dont's on the horse and information about mutual herd behaving . Meeting the horses and mount the horse. Once you sit comfortable we will start the horseback riding adventure  with a guided walk with your instructor. One hour first day. Camping in the desert with the horses, 2 nights. 2 Days of horse riding, see the itinerary. One night in a luxury camp with sanitary.

General information

Horseback riding

Learning horse riding in Wadi Rum, Jordan



4x4 wheel during the journey with the horses.  Ticket for Wadi Rum. Horseback riding, 2 days and 1 hour with guide. All overnights including breakfast, lunch and dinner ( 1 night luxury camp, 2 nights bivouac). Bottled water, coffee and tea during horse riding. 


Drinks, gratuities and personal expenses.

Learning horse riding in Wadi Rum, Jordan, first time in the saddle


Dates 2019:

  • On request. Individual or small groups maximum 4 people.


Groups 2-4 people: 365 Jd per person

Individual: 465 Jd per person

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Happy, a perfect horse riding tour. No need of a saddle if you are experienced


Day 1: Arriving around 2-3 pm, welcome with tea or coffee. Introduction to the horses and instruction on the ground. Mounting and being comfortable on your horse. Your instructor will walk next to you and be with you for any advice and to help you to have a good sit on the horse. A 4x4 Wheel drive will accompany us with your luggage and all equipment to stay in the desert.  After about one hour we will stop to make our camp. A delicious meal will be cooked. The horses will get their meal and water and will sleep near us.

Day 2: After a breakfast we will ride the horses together. Going deeper in the desert and enjoy the ride and the surroundings. The morning will be with instructions to learn how to help your horse understand your signs. Meanwhile you learn to listen to your horse and how he reacts on your signs. Building up a unity with your horse. Lunch will be prepared somewhere on our road where everyone can relax on a nice spot in the desert. Also the horses will get some rest. The second session of horse riding is just following the leader and start with the implementation of all you have learnt. Horse riding is a job you're doing together with your horse. The bedouin horses are most of the time very sensitive and can react already on small signs. Depending on the experience of the group we can start to trot, if walking is better, we walk. After an enervating day, a nice camp will be made. Another night under the stars in the company of your horse.

Day 3: When the breakfast is done and everything packed, another full day of horse riding will follow in the mesmerizing desert of Wadi Rum. If possible we will try a canter on a soft sand dune, to give you the feeling of flying into freedom on a horse that you're understanding more and more. After lunch we will head back to the camp from where we started,  Practicing all gaits, you have manage to learn while being connected to your horse. In the camp a hot shower will wait you in your own tent (based on two people). A warm welcome, good beds in a fairytale tent.  Dinner will be in the restaurant, with desert view.

Day 4: After breakfast you can say goodbey to your horse before it is time to continue your tour in the desert or in Jordan.

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