Retreat with horses in the Wadi Rum desert

Desert Retreat 10 days, with your horse through the desert

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"No one can teach you more about horses than a horse"

"Embrace the moment"

"All bonds are build on trust. Without it, you have nothing"

"The horse knows. He knows if you know. He also knows if you don't know" (Ray Hunt)

"You are not working on a horse, you are working on yourself..."(Ray Hunt)

"Some people talk to animals, not many listen though. That's the problem" A.A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh)

"To remember who you are, you need to forget what they told you to be"

Retreat with horses

If you love horses this retreat is perfect for you. You do not have to be an excellent rider. All levels can come along. This retreat is about the connection with your horse. Something very different than a multi-day horse tour. The distances are not too big, there is only walking with the horses. Unless you want to try via the connection with your horse, you can now achieve what never worked well. That goes in private sessions. Together with your horse you can break through patterns that now prevent you from getting further. In your personal life and as a rider. The method that is used has no name, is based on personal experience. At the darkest point of my life, it were the horses that helped me on my feet again. A horse only knows the present moment. Does not think about yesterday and not about tomorrow. A horse relies entirely on its intuition, it is a flight animal. If necessary, he can flee within a second, there is no discussion with the herd, which follows blindly. And have not we forgotten to live in the moment? During a multi-day retreat with horses you come close to yourself. To understand your horse you will first need to understand yourself. You live a few days in the desert, in nature, you sleep close to the horses. There is no time, only the rising and setting sun. Do you want to be included in the herd with horses?

With the Bedouin

The Bedouins of the desert still live very close to nature. If you can live, say survive in the desert, you do need a number of characteristics, such as keeping animals and plants. The life of real Bedouin revolves around their animals, if they have a good life then he is satisfied. In the desert that is not always easy, there is no abundance of everything. So the Bedouin travels around like a nomad to find the best food for his animals. The finest and safest places to stay overnight. He knows where water can be found, just as the horses know. In this way you live 6 days, in an abundance of time. To get closer to your horse and to yourself. To discover the desert together. The horses are used to this life, just like the Bedouin. They love to share their knowledge about the desert and the horses and will  mesmerise you with their stories. A very different life as what you live at home. An experience that always will stay with you.

Petra and Aqaba

Petra is the first place you will visit. The place that everyone can call if you think of Jordan. A place that belongs to the new 7 world wonders. The site is much larger than you expect. The temples, tombs, churches and caves are all an attraction. The colors will enchant you.

The last day is in Aqaba, on the Red Sea, to process all experiences. A day you probably need before you go back to your own life.

Being one with the horses, Wadi Rum, Jordan



All transport during the journey. 6 days of riding with a guide. All nights including breakfast (1 night hotel, 1 night resort, 2 nights Bedouin private camp, 5 nights bivouac). Healing sessions and an Arab massage. All meals, bottles of water, coffee and tea while riding.


Airline ticket. Lunch and dinner in Petra and Aqaba. Travel insurance with world coverage and risk sports. Cancellation insurance. Visa Jordan. Ticket Petra (Jordanpass). Drinks, tips and personal expenses.

Retreat with horses in Wadi Rum. Jordan


Dates 2019:

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Groups 4-6 people 1299 Jd per person

Groups 2-3 people: 1349 Jd per person

Individual: 1530 Jd per person

contact us for larger groups.

We would like to invite you to meet us beforehand. Via skype or chat or whatapp.

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Bedouin with his horses, Wadi Rum. Jordan


Day 1: Arrival in Jordan. Transport to Petra, dinner and overnight in a hotel in Petra.

Day 2: Visit to Petra. One of the new seven world wonders. For many the reason to visit Jordan. Petra was a trading city, the capital of the Nabataeans. An important place for the trade caravans and pilgrim journeys by camel. You will be transported back in time, when transport from A to B took months. In the afternoon you will be met to leave for Wadi Rum. You spend the night in a nice desert camp with sanitary facilities. Dinner consists of a delicious Bedouin meal.

Day 3: From the camp you leave on your horse, here you start your actual retreat. You travel into the desert, stepping on your horse. In the beginning you can still see some tourists and jeeps in the desert but it will become increasingly quiet as you go deeper into the desert. You quickly get used to living as a Bedouin. The first day everything is new and you get the time to switch. Walking, lunch, walking camp, gathering wood, horse care, dinner, campfire, stargazing, sleeping. In the breaks you take care of your horse yourself, give him food and water, you brush him, give him a sand bath and you are there for him or her.

Day 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8: You go deeper into the desert, you now know how a day goes by to make your own journey. Every day we start with a meditation so that you start the day in a very relaxed state. After breakfast, you step or on your horse or you choose to walk next to him to silently enter the desert. During lunch there is an opportunity to have a massage. Every evening a healing session takes place, either with gems, or with the tuning forks or with the biotensor. There is an opportunity for consult in your process so that you can go one step deeper again and again to the cause and to your source. To finally find out where you want to go and what keeps you away. Often it is good to take a few steps back to fully blossom afterwards. You get that opportunity in the desert. The journey is to go back to your base, what makes you so unique. If you live from your own base, then your life goes much smoother, you can deal with conflicts more easily because you know who you are and what you stand for. Your authentic self. The Bedouin travel with you. They know what it's like to survive in the desert. It is not always romantic and rose-scent and moonshine. They will bring you ideas based on their stories and wisdoms that you can apply in your life. You get to know the desert, you learn to appreciate life, you learn how important you are and how valuable your life is. And above all, you live together with your horse for the journey.

Day 8: We return to the camp where you started for a final connection with the desert and to prepare for your life elsewhere.

Day 9: Departure to Aqaba to spend a whole day at the seaside. In the evening going to the souk in Aqaba. Dinner is in the city. Overnight at a resort by the sea.

Day 10: Departure to the airport.

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