Retreats in the desert

Retreats in the desert of Wadi Rum

What is a retreat?

A retreat is there to withdraw for a while, often in a quiet place in nature. Just nothing, a step back to reflect. Just a break out of your everyday activities. You can be there, in the here and now. There is no distraction, no connection or wifi. It concerns the meaning of your existence, your personal expectations that are central to your life. This journey is there for you, because you are the one who is most important now. Rusted patterns in your life take on a different dimension. You'll take this trip home with you, to return to it later, again and again.

Types of retreats in the desert

What are your activities?

  • Walk in silence through the desert, alone or with your horse or camel.
  • Meditate.
  • Arabian massages.
  • Healing with gems, tuning forks and the biotensor.
  • Desert coaching, how to survive in the desert.
  • Stargazing with explanations.
  • Around the campfire: wisdoms of the Bedouin and their look on life.
  • Artful activities.
  • Being open to giving completion to your dream life.


  • Daring to go out of your comfort zone for a retreat in the desert is a great gift to yourself.
  • The deep insights you gain during the retreat help you make the right decisions in your life.
  • The pure efforts and relaxation help your body to reset to a healthy lifestyle.
  • During a desert trip you discover what is really important in life.
  • After that it is easier to let go of nonsensical activities, convictions and thoughts.*
  • The desert has a healing effect on deep-rooted inaccurate beliefs and helps you convert them into a healthy self-image.
  • The desert is a spiritual environment that makes you more powerful in your connection with God or the universe.
  • The desert gives you an unprecedented dynamic. Your energy level will multiply.
  • During the retreat you will return to your source, to who you really are.
  • The first steps towards your dream life.
  • This desert journey will always stay with you to return to your thoughts.

* It may be that in the first days all pain comes to the surface. That is allowed and is good. It is a way to truly heal that, which has brought your life into imbalance for ages.

The first step to the life of your dreams

If you want to know whether a retreat suits you or if you want to follow one of the retreats, contact us to discover, without obligation, which retreat suits to you and who your counselors are.