Arabian massages

Kasaath Hawa Arabian Massages

Arabian massages

Arabian Massages are bringing you new ways of healing with amazing results, partly due to the holistic approach.

Secret massages?

It seems  the Arabian Massages are preserved as a good secret (same as the New World Wonder Petra in Jordan). 

Massage is probably one of the oldest therapies in the world. The Arabian massage techniques are thousands of years old and are still used by local population. During my travels, living with the Bedouins in Jordan, I came into contact with the intense action and results of their massage techniques. Building on my massage therapist experience, I learned those Bedouin massage techniques, and I’m now happy to bring you the age-old Arabian massage rituals.

The Bedouin therapeutic massage concentrates power. The therapy has been used for thousands of years to treat illness and pain.

Certainly already for 3000 years definitely satisfied clients exist.

Dead Sea

The story goes that the Bedouin have accompanied Cleopatra, the queen of beauty, on her trip to the Dead Sea, for her exceptional body care with the healing waters and black mud.

La Cure Dead Sea Beauty Products, our cosmetic brand used in our treatments in Jordan are as honest and natural as the nature. Basic, created by the simplicity of life, a healthy body, a cheerful spirit, perfect skin and a great love of nature where all the ingredients for a healthy life come from. Saved by nature for centuries and impregnated by the mineral-rich Dead Sea water.


Hammam rituals include a large scrub with a special exfoliating washcloth and soap massage. Hammam is one of the new trends in the world of massages. Going back to basics, I only perform the authentic ritual from Morocco, Turkey and Arabia.

What does Hammam do to your body?

Kasaath Hawa

Kasaath Hawa is a massage ritual using glass and fire to create a vacuum on the skin which regulates the energy and lymphatic flows. The result being relaxation and detoxification.

What does Kasaath Hawa do to your body? 

Khiaahh Milhh, Dead Sea stamp massage

Khiaahh Milhh is a massage which uses Dead Sea salt stamps on meridians acupressure points in order to remove blockages and giving energy to the body.

Kasaath Hawa advanced

Something to think about.
This is part of lesson of the Kasaath Hawa advanced.
Pain in the body or a body part does not arise spontaneously and has many potential causes. Pain can be caused by physical, mental, emotional or spiritual influences.

Research method using Kasaath Hawa and Khiaah Milhh with treatment.

What does Kasaath Hawa advanced do to your body?

Jade Stone Massage

Jade Stone Massage brings a new dimension in massage. The force exerted on the body by the jade stones is phenomenal. The frequencies embedded in the stone regulate the out balanced frequencies of the body tissues.

What does Jade Stone Massage do to your body? 

Gemstone workshop

Massage with precious stones. Every stone bears its own characteristics to cure physical, mental and spiritual disorders. “Test” which stone fits you the best. 

Honey massage

Honey Massage brings the best nutrition’s of nature to the body. An intensive massage using the “sticky power” of honey to get rid of many toxins in connective tissue, and slimming the body.

What does Honey Massage do to your body?


Detox is cleansing the skin, and the small and large intestines of waste and toxins by a massage of the abdomen.

Detox is a program combining internal cleansing and external massage.

What does detox do to your body?

Anti-Cellulite massage

There is not one cellulite treatment that is the right one and helps to deal with cellulite. Because cellulite is a combination of factors, it is also impossible that one type of treatment could help.

What does an anti-cellulite massage do to your body?

Dead Sea facials and body treatments

The salt and the black mud from the Dead Sea are extremely suitable for use in massage therapy to drain the loosened waste more quickly.

What happens to your body with Dead Sea treatments?

Sand therapy

Sun: The sun is shining almost every day of the year in Jordan and the temperatures are best from March till May and from September till November. Gain the natural vitamine D by having massages under the sun or with some shelter from a tree or rock.

Sand: It is easy to find the peace in the desert sands. The desert is working as a therapy, earthing you and resett the systems of the body. Every footprint has a meaning and soon it will be gone with the wind. And did you know that a wrap in the warm desert sand will release (rheumatic) pains from the body?

What does Sand Therapy do to your body?

Having or learning an Arabian Massage?

Maybe you’d like to enjoy an Arabian massage? Or maybe you’re a professional and would like to know more about our professional trainings? In Jordan, in the Netherlands, in Belgium,  in Germany and Switzerland, discover the world of Arabian massages!

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Erotic massage?

Absolutely no! 

Arabian massages belong in the ranks of Chinese and Ayurvedic massages. All were created thousands of years before our era.