Themareis Arabische Therapieën, Jordanië. Jordan Desert Journeys
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Trip themes Arabian Therapies in the Wadi Rum desert

An inner journey with Arabic Therapies which will bring you closer to yourself. In the midst of nature, in the loving arms of the beautiful Wadi Rum desert.

You are searching for Arabic Therapies because you:

  • Are interested in the natural remedies of the Bedouin
  • Want to explore the Arabic Therapies
  • Are curious about what an Arabic massage can do for your body
  • Love natural, centuries old, tried and tested treatments
  • Only allow that, which is best for your body
  • Want to relax with indigenious healing traditions
  • Love massages in nature

Arabian Therapies of the Bedouin

Centuries old therapies and massages from the Bedouins are being resurrected. Unfortunately many Bedouins nowadays are trying modern treatments and medicine first to get better. But now it becomes evident that when these don’t work, they return to the natural therapies. Often these are only known to the older generations.

The Bedouins receive their knowledge through their parents or grandparents to keep their families healthy. It was only 50 years ago when most Bedouins would still live a nomadic life in the desert. Fortunately there are still sources through which these medical treatments are surviving, even though it is apparent they are disappearing in the younger generations.

With the coming of the modern life in a home, these old ways are being westernized quickly. Most modern consumption products are available, such as television and internet. It changes the view of life quickly.

Also stress has sadly found its way into the lives of the Bedouins. How they solve this will quickly become visible when you are in the desert. In the desert you will have the opportunity to experience or learn these therapies yourself.