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Trip themes Camel tour in the Wadi Rum desert

The desert and camels belong together like how water belongs to the sea. You experience your own story by camel in the caravan with the Bedouins. As in the past like the trade and pilgrims caravans who went through the desert.

You are searching for a Camel trekking because you want to:

  • Experience the desert in the traditional way
  • Go back to nature
  • Experience the nomadic Bedouin life
  • Have the silence of the desert in an ecological way
  • Get away for a while to go on a unique adventure
  • Get to know this elegant and stubborn ship of the desert better
  • Travel slow and immerse yourself in the desert

Camel caravan

Per camel through the desert, an unknown adventure! Do you want to follow the footsteps of  explorers who mapped the desert or went searching for drawings of old life from old cultures? Or are you one of the three wise men from the east who came with their camels loaded with gifts such as myrrh, incense and gold searching for baby Jesus? Maybe you are a traveling trader who wants to bring his goods from East to West, from North to South or vice versa. Or are you one of the pilgrims who go on a pilgrimage to the holy places. Less than a century it was the most used way to travel long distances through rough landscapes.

Camels and spirituality

A camel is a spiritual animal, a power animal, even a totem animal. The camel stands for: The trust that you have everything you need to surpass all obstacles you come across in your life. The keywords which belong to camels are: Resourcefulness – Determination – Stability – Steadfastness – Endurance – Focus – Optimism – Adaptability – Justice – Strength – Survival – Positivity – Accomplishment – Independence.

Now you will experience how your camel takes you through the desert, sitting on the saddle which is placed over the camel’s hump, rocking to unknown places.

Option with overnight stay under the stars in the desert