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Theme trips in the Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

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Trip themes Wellness and relaxation in the Wadi Rum desert

Wellness is a combination of wellbeing and fitness. Active wellness trips through relaxation. Take a deep breath and feel the tension in your body. Relax and feel the relaxation in your body.

You are looking for a wellness/relaxation trip because you:

  • Are chronically tired
  • Want to have quality time with yourself
  • Want to be kind to your body, mind and soul
  • Like to reset yourself
  • Want to give your body a healthy boost with wellness / relaxation
  • Want to pamper yourself with massages and healing
  • Prefer to get away, alone, or together with your sisters, mother, girlfriends, for example

Wellness and relaxation in its purest form

Wellness is a healthy lifestyle with a good balance in activities that make you happy and with pure relaxation. If you come to the desert for this, you will enjoy moving around in nature.

The desert always attract you somewhere, while you can also make yourself comfortable in a hole in the rock, the warmth of the sun on your skin, with a good book or nothing at all. You can play there as a child, with the sand, make drawings, stack stones, gather wood for the fire. You can move freely in nature, outside the paths. Healthy and delicious food, which the Bedouin kitchen does, also vegetarian and vegan. Regular relaxing massages, Arabic therapies, healing, meditation. Living in and with nature. Sleep comfortably in the open air, with the starry night sky as a blanket around you.

The desert with all emptiness and silence gives you a deep peace to reset your body, mind and soul. Wellness/relaxation in the purest form, a treat for all senses. You will hear better in the silence. The expanse invites you to look further. The unspoiled air opens your sense of smell, the flavors you taste are pure, lovingly prepared meals. Feel nature consciously with your hands, touch a stone, feel deeply. Your intuition will open up and strengthen when you are released from the daily stimuli that you have to process.

Wellness and relaxation in the desert is your gift that you will enjoy for a long time.