Camel riding in the desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan

Camel riding in Jordan

Camel riding in the desert

On camel through the desert, a great adventure!
Desert and camels belong together, like water in the sea.
The three wise men from the East came with their camel full of gifts such as myrrh, incense and gold to the baby Jesus. It was the way to move over long distances.
Camels caravans moved from east to west, from north to south and vice versa with their trade goods.
Apart from trade caravans, the pilgrims also moved with camel caravans to the holy cities.

Petra, Wadi Rum and Lawrence of Arabia

The city of Petra was an important trading post, the Wadi Rum was on the route. A hundred years ago the English officer Lawrence of Arabia rode on a camel, together with the Bedouin to liberate Jordan from the Ottomans. Lawrence is still present everywhere in the Wadi Rum. Can you imagine what it is like to swing on a camel in his footsteps, pardon, camel footprints.

Valley of the moon

Through valleys, along rocks, through the gorges and over the sand dunes and endless red, white, or yellow sand plains, you'll move deeper and deeper into the desert. The silence around you is omnipresent. Only you and your camel, connected with your fellow travelers, the camels and the Bedouin. The Wadi Rum is also called the valley of the moon, because it sometimes gives the impression of a lunar landscape. The red sand even gives the impression that you are on the red planet Mars, as in the movie "The Martian" with Matt Damon. Proof that you are not the first on a camel can be found in the petroglyphs. 2000-3000 years ago people communicated with each other that way.

Camel riding

Is possible as a tourist for an hour when you visit the Wadi Rum during your Jordan trip. Do you really want to experience the desert then a camel trip of at least three days is part of a very special holiday. Certainly know that you come home with a very special story and special photos.

In the media

Although in Dutch. Travel hunger: Journalist Arjan Mulder spent three days on a camel through the desert Wadi Rum, read his adventurous experience.

Experience camel riding

Can anyone ride on a camel?

Yes, this adventure is for families, for seniors, for everyone who loves animals, of all ages. You do not need any experience. The camel kneels down to be able to step on easily. Then comes the most exciting part when the camel gets up. You are shaken forwards and backwards and then you have a magnificent view on the high camel. It goes the same way when descending. The saddle is a square frame that is wrapped entirely with blankets and sometimes pillows by the Bedouin. The frame is pushed over the hump of the camel. The saddle is attached to the camel with a girth and ropes. There are no stirrups, you fold your legs in front of the saddle or let them hang down. At the front and back of the saddle is a big button to hold on to during mounting and descending. Sometimes it is a bit of a search to sit comfortably on the square saddle, but you do not have to sit exactly like on a horse. After a while you are used to the saddle. And you can enjoy a wonderful walk on the ship of the desert. The camel walks in Tölt, both legs on one side are moved simultaneously.

Retreat with a camel

Spirituality and camels

The camel stands for: The trust that you have all the resources to meet the obstacles you encounter in your life.

The key words that belong to the camel are: Resourcefulness - Determination - Stability - Fortitude - Endurance - Focus - Optimism - Adaptability - Justice - Strength - Survival - Positivity - Accomplishment - Independence

Retreat with camels in the desert

How special to go out with your camel in the desert. Back to your essence rocking on a camel or walking next to it in the endless desert. In cherishing warm sand. Barefoot. Feeling one with your camel and finding the answers to the questions that concern you. The desert is a lovely environment, it can be very confronting with your self. The desert helps you to judge less about yourself. The desert teaches you how you can love yourself again. The desert lets you live in the here and now. For a moment nothing more is important. You, your camel, the Bedouin and the desert. Nothing more, nothing less. Sleep among the millions of stars. To feel you are again the little girl / boy taken care of. To experience how insignificant a person is between the dizzying nature, the immense rocks. One with nature. Time no longer exists. Get up, eat breakfast, walk, lunch, walk, camp, gather wood, dine and sleep. Everywhere is taken care of, you can be totally you.

Is it a retreat you need now to break away from your daily life, write us an email or look at the retreat options in the desert.

Which camel?

Do you know that there are roughly 3 kinds of camels?

Race camel 

You can say that a camel and a Bedouin are inextricably linked. His camel is his everything. Traditionally the largest property. A camel that wins during the races increases enormously in value. The camel can then either be sold to the highest bidder. Or if a dakkar, a male, is more often asked to mate a female camel. Or, if a naga, a female camel gets a baby, the baby is already worth more because of the mother's race performance.

The race camel can only eat what his boss gives him, to give the camel exactly the energy needed to win during a race. That is why this camel is often covered with a muzzle so that nothing can be eaten on the way.

Breeding camel and camel milk

A pregnant camel is highly regarded. The gestation period is over 11 to 13 months. Every year the rutting season is from November to a few months afterwards.

The breeding camel eats what the boss gives her and eats from the desert.

Camel milk is delicious and very healthy and makes you clean inside. If you get the chance drink it. In the past, the Bedouin survived on camel milk!

The Bedouin who loves his camels is proud if the camel has a good bloodline. They specifically search for which dakkar they mate with which naga to ensure good and strong offspring. With us, many camels have foreign fathers or mothers.

Tourists camel

Bedouins now also keep camels where they let the tourists ride on. With us the tourists camels have often been racing camel.

A tourist camel does not get all the food from the boss. About half as what the camel needs. Pathetic? No! Because the tourists camel can eat from the shrubs in the desert, until they have eaten enough. This is to keep the camel quiet. After all, with more food, more energy.

Camel facts

The hump of the camel does not contain water but fat.

A camel can last for more than a month without water. Once she drinks she can get as much as 60 liters! drink per minute.

A camel can regulate its own body temperature to save water.

Camels live in a harem, one dakkar with a number of nagas.

In the Arabic language, a camel or a dromedary is called a Jamel, translated camel. In other languages there is a distinction between one- and two-hump, not in Arabic.

Mansour, the camel man, Wadi Rum, Jordan

8 Days, camel ride in the Wadi Rum, visit Petra

Dates 2019 /on request

5 Days live as a nomad with your camel and the Bedouin in the Wadi Rum desert

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Shades of camels, Wadi Rum, Jordan

Module 3 days camel riding in Wadi Rum

Dates 2019 /on request

Camels trip in the Wadi Rum desert. Feel like a Bedouin who travels through the desert on his camel for days.

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Mansour, Bedouin, checking the camel saddles, Wadi Rum, Jordan

Retreat with your camel and the Bedouin in the Wadi Rum

Dates 2019 /on request

10-days retreat with camels through Wadi Rum's enchanting desert to take the first steps to your dream life, visit Petra and Aqaba

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A night at the campfire, camel ride in Wadi Rum, Jordan