Wellness retreat in the desert

Wellness retreat

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You feel that your body is overloaded with stress, and experience a general uneasiness. Or you can’t concentrate anymore and feel chronically tired. And moreover, they’re those extra pounds you’d like to get rid of. Maybe do you feel like you are stuck or wonder whether this is all life’s got to offer?

If you’d like to bring your body back on healthy tracks, you might consider a thorough internal cleansing and possibly even detox.

Enter a world of purification: body, and soul. Surrounded by the warmth of the desert in the beautiful Wadi Rum in Jordan.

Dead Sea, Petra and Aqaba

The retreat will start at the Dead Sea. Floating in the Dead Sea to mineralize you body. A Black Mud pack to clean and nourish your skin. The first step of a profound detox of the body.

After a beautiful tour along the Dead Sea and through the mountains you will reach Petra for a visit the next day. Petra is of amazing beauty, you have to see the formal capital of the Nabateans who carved the city from rocks more than 2000 years ago.

In Aqaba, the southern sub-tropical city at the Red Sea, you will have a traditional hammam experience and time to go to the souk.

Wellness retreat in Wadi Rum, Jordan



All accomodation, 3 nights 3* hotels, 7 nights in a desert camp. Transportation. All meals in the desert. All massages, healing sessions and workshops. 2 x Jeep safari. Entrance ticket Dead Sea. Hammam treatment in Aqaba.


Flight ticket. Lunch and dinner in Petra and Aqaba, dinner in Madaba. Travel insurance with extra high-risk sports. Cancellation insurance. Visa Jordan, ticket Petra and Wadi Rum (Jordanpass). Drinks, gratuities and personal expenses.

Wellness retreat Petra


Dates 2019:

  • On request


Individual: 1699 JD

2-4 persons: 1499 JD per person

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Wellness retreat in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Spiritual journey

A unique spiritual journey, with the intention to make you return healthy, happy, creative, confident, motivated and energetic.

  • Jordan has silence places for healing of body, mind, emotions and senses.
  • Visit of places where a lot of powerful positive energy is "ready"
  • Learning to feel instead of touching, learning to see instead of looking, learning to listen instead of hearing, silence instead of talking, discover the special smell of life energy to follow the path to a deeper dimension within yourself.
  • From nature itself you receive techniques and ingredients for your specific treatment, follow your own path to reach your goal while the journey is undertaken together.
  • A journey to a higher level of consciousness, detoxifies your body and nervous system, reduces stress, identifies and removes toxic disturbance of mind and thoughts.
  • A different view of traveling, transforming to yourself.
  • This tour gives you inner peace while there is the realization that you discover a lot.
  • The energies in the desert come directly from nature and the universe.

Massage therapy

You will get acquainted with different Arabian massage techniques. Some of these techniques come from the Bedouin or are based on actions they take to stay healthy during their journey as nomads to remote places where there is no doctor. Although you may feel like a nomad, it is much less primitive. Physicians are present in the village nearby.

Movement and release

Learn to be free in your body to move smoothly and effortlessly and to fill your soul with joy. Freedom to enjoy every aspect of your body during the Arab belly dance.

Wisdom and confirmation

After a few days in the desert you will experience how insignificant you are in the midst of so much inspiring nature. Exploring the place. Inventing that not everything is what it seems. Willingness to let go of your fixed pattern to explore unknown paths.


Bedouins have a life with their own rhythm, basic, sincere and profound. Every step you take in the desert moves thousands of grains of sand. Every step you take turns the desert. The same happens to you, the unconscious and the subconscious are activated by the deafening silence of the desert. The sand has a cleansing effect on old patterns that slowly disappear with the help of the abrasive sand. The stones and rocks give you strength while the loving embrace of the sun will warm you.

Discovering how it feels to open your energy channels, instinct, intuition, inner wisdom, self-awareness, credible self-confidence, identification, let a feeling of untouched nature and well-being pass you by.

Do you enjoy pure well-being and do you want it in a natural way? Respect the culture and history of a country that you want to be part of it? Can you let go of luxury and comfort to live like a nomad? Do you want a unique, original and separate journey?

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Floating in the Dead Sea Wellness retreat Jordan

Meals and accommodation

Choice of meals

The food: the meals you receive will be prepared according to the hygiene regulations as you are used to.
Fish and meat are too difficult to digest and are not so favorable to the optimal Detox program. From the first day you will get to know the Arabic cuisine, simplicity of pure ingredients. In the right combinations, the tastiest dishes are conjured up on the table. Experience shows that you will be impressed by the richness of flavor. For those who choose to juice-fast during the days of the intestinal irrigations: your choice is important. Although every effort will be made to prepare delicious meals outside the juice fasting.

Arabic cuisine

Arabic cuisine: no diet, the purity of nature. With the right ingredients for a good alignment with the metabolism. The basis is Mediterranean, which is already known as healthy food for a healthy body.

Diet choice:

  • Normal healthy cooking as the Bedouin are used to (not together with juice-fasting)
  • Arabic cuisine vegetarian
  • 7-day juices + Arabic vegetarian soup and dinner
  • 7-day juices + Arabian vegetarian soup and vegetables

Accommodation in the desert

We talk about tents, similar to a one-room chalet, with your own bathroom in the tent.With comfortable hotel beds. With your own veranda.


Day 1: Arrival in Amman. Depending on your time of arrival, visit of Madaba. Overnight  in Madaba.

Day 2: Departure for the Dead Sea.  Bath, pure Black Mud wrap. Departure for Petra. Overnight in Petra.

Day 3: The morning is devoted to the ancient red rose city. Around 3 p.m departure for Aqaba. Aqaba by night. Overnight in Aqaba.

Day 4: Ritual cleansing in the Hammam in Aqaba. Wellness in the desert.  After lunch departure to the desert of Wadi Rum. Acclimatization to the detox effects on your body. Discover the quietness of the desert.  Get used to the rhythm of the desert. Enjoy your first healing with the tuneforks. Overnight in a desert camp.

Day 5Exercise, meditation and massage.  Experience the Kasaath Hawa Bedouin Massage. Every day you can dedicate time for meditation, for desert walks, horse or camel riding.

Day 6: Release. Expedition in a Jeep in the desert. Herbal therapy (massage and drinks), sand packing. Healing with the biotensor.

Day 7: Honey Massage, a very intense technique.

Day 8: Affirmation and massage. Drawing and writing workshop to exteriorize your new experiences. Khiaahh Milhh massage, Dead Sea salt stamps and oil applications.

Day 9: Strength and confidence. Discover where you've grown and what you still have to learn. Enjoy a Jade massage.

Day 10: Harmony. Last day of internal cleansing treatment. Trust your intuition, re-connect to the universe and let your body synchronize. Get used back to "normal" food. Workshop gemstones and healing. Jeep safari with your desert coaches.

Day 11: Departure for Amman and the airport.

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Inner deep cleaning

Intestinal irrigation

Why bowel irrigation? Your intestines are called your "second brain", the intestines are long undervalued, the sewer of the body. "More and more we discover that your intestines are one of the most important organs in the absorption of nutrients." You are what you eat. "Diarrhea, constipation or notorious bowel plaque (old stock, sometimes of a whole human life) ensures that not everything you eat (even healthy or the opposite) is properly absorbed and therefore washed away. Other organs and tissues in your body will be in a lesser condition if the intestines do not function properly, so you develop food shortages in your body as in a third world country, resulting in all sorts of illnesses on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
Incredible but possible in our Western society dominated by wealth. And yes, you also lose that (gas) belly.


Intestinal irrigations cause a large cleansing of unnecessary and harmful intestinal plaque that is attached to the intestinal wall in the course of your life (where even your emotions have been hidden).
Once lost, you literally enter a different world. It is never too late to start a colonic irrigation. It adds quality to the years of your life. It is not a new phenomenon, in ancient times intestinal washings were done in case of illness until your body was restored. Why they are no longer normal has to do with the insights of the new Western medicine (since 150 years). Thinking in terms of disease control instead of promoting health. And with the mental inability of man to abstain from all the abundance of the good life.

Each one is unique

Each person is an individual with a physical, mental, emotional, intuitive and spiritual constitution. What works for one person has no results with others. You yourself take the liberty to follow your own intuition and determine how far you are and what treatments you want to exercise. Maybe it's your first experience with a bowel irrigation. We are happy to guide you in making the right choice.

Intestinal irrigations to do yourself.

A lot of old "plaque" in your intestines is loosened and washed away. Your body can become chronically ill from that plaque... the supplements support the process. The optimal treatment uses the internal intestinal irrigations, you can easily do that yourself. You are coached in this and you get all the rest and time to wash yourself or to implement with a little help. There are additional costs for this cure.

Included in this retreat

Relax: external cleaning and relaxation with massage and exercise.
The massage therapies described are followed. Each treatment period is on average one hour. These massages promote the metabolism in the body. At various levels in the body, massages work to free up, and remove waste. Promote blood circulation and cleaning the body of excess baggage. Blockages at various levels, including physical, mental, emotional, intuitive and psychological, are addressed and removed. Energy can flow through your body again. Tension and stress are eliminated wherever possible. After DETOX you feel reborn, tidy, clean and lighter in kilos. You are in contact with yourself and with the nature around you.

Extra choice

Optimal: thorough internal and external cleaning, the most intensive.

Intestinal irrigation, nutritional supplements and juice fastening.

A lot of old "plaque" in your intestines is loosened and washed away with a bowel irrigation. The supplements support the process. And ... you can opt for juice fastening during this course of treatment. There are additional costs for this remedy.

Medium: internal and external cleaning

Extra supplements to clean your body and the intestines. And eventual juice fastening. There are additional costs for this remedy.

Wellness retreat, colored sand in Wadi Rum, Jordan