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Trip themes Women’s empowerment in Jordan

Women from different cultures inspire each other. They exchange creativity and work together to achieve something. You get to know a country even better through the women.

You are looking for a women’s empowerment tour because you:

  • Like to connect with women from a different culture
  • Want to strengthen each other
  • Want to get to know a country better through women
  • Like to exchange information
  • Women have a different view of society in a patriarchal country
  • Want to support each other
  • Want to discover each other’s similarities

Dismantle prejudices about Arab women, you speak to them yourself

Although the women in an Islamic country are less visible, they have a lot to offer. Although language can sometimes be an obstacle, you will find each other with gestures and an translater is present. You will get to know the diversity of a country much better if the women are also involved.

In Jordan, the percentage of university-educated women exceeds 50%! But also the women who do not study have a lot to tell and exchange about all facets of daily life.

Many Western prejudices are cleared once you talk to the women who like to share their lifestyle with you. Women who, in addition to their work, often lead a family with a larger number of children than usual in Western society.

We would like to get you in touch with each other.