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Jordan, the land of hospitality and of Bedouin

Jordan, the land of hospitality and of Bedouin

Ahlan wa sahlan (be welcome). You will hear this every day and everywhere by everyone. Because the country of Jordan has so many unexpected treasures and surprising possibilities to travel.

Are you going on a voyage of discovery through the desert country of Jordan?

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Horse- and camel riding

Living with the Bedouin

Diving and snorkeling

Hiking and climbing

Modules, ideas for the desert

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Reatreats in the desert

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Customized travel

Surprisingly Jordan

Surprisingly Jordan

A country where real attention is still being paid to people. Jordan also has a delicious, surprisingly healthy cuisine. Besides a lot of nature and desert (Petra and the Wadi Rum) Jordan has mountains (Dana, Wadi Rum) and seas (Dead Sea and Red Sea). And attractive cities (Amman, Aqaba, Madaba) where modern influences go hand in hand with traditional Arab souks. You quickly feel at home in this oriental world from the fairy tale world of 'Thousand and One Night'.

Off the beaten path

Jordan is a country where you feel welcome and safe, where there is so much more to discover than what you hear, see and read. Let yourself be surprised by the culture and history of the country, by the nature that will leave you speechless. In the field of sport there are endless possibilities. Dare to go off the beaten track, and meet the local's. With Jordan Desert Journeys you make a unique journey that you will not find anywhere else.

Tailor-made travel

We like to think along to make your "once in a lifetime" trip in Jordan an experience that you will not soon forget. According to your ideas and appropriate in your budget.
Our specializations are desert tours with local Bedouin guides who grew up in the area. For the theme of traveling through the country, we have been working with experience experts in that field for years.

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