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Theme trips in the Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

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Adventure in the Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

Desert adventures to discover the Wadi Rum. With for example a jeep tour, straight to the soft sand. Or up high with a balloon flight over the Wadi Rum. Do you ever sleep outside? In the Wadi Rum this is possible, in nature, under the starry night sky.

You are searching for an adventurous tour because you:

  • Like to try new things
  • Want to experiment to the fullest what life has to offer
  • Want to push your limits
  • Enjoy to visit nature
  • Want to come home with the most beautiful pictures
  • Have never slept outside under the starry night sky
  • Have had ‘going on a balloon flight’ on your bucket list for a long time

Jeep safari with the 4x4wheel

A visit tot the Wadi Rum is an adventure. Going through the desert is so attractive because of all the beautiful vistas. There are no roads running through, and no shops. You can only trust your guide, your horse, your camel or your 4×4 wheels. You surrender to their experience. This means you could sometimes get stuck in the sand. This is of course the most fun because the guide always knows how to get the jeep moving again or repair it.

Going into the desert means searching for your freedom, off the beaten track. Going in nature and on an adventure. A new experience if you have never been to the desert. You don’t have to be adventurous to go on an adventure, you experience nature together.


Viewing the Wadi Rum from above, an amazing experience with so much beauty below. As if the rocks were just scattered around in the sand. A real adventure.

Overnight somewhere in the desert under the stars

Most questions are about staying overnight in nature. If you have never slept outside before you can try this now. For most this is an unforgettable experience.

Option with overnight stay under the stars in the desert
Option with overnight stay under the stars in the desert
Option with overnight stay under the stars in the desert
Discover the unknown, non-touristy quiet places of the desert
All highlights with the possibility to stay overnight under the stars…