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In Jordan you will find a lot of art formed by nature. There is a lot of street art to brighten up towns and villages. Murals are often about daily scenes around you. But did you know that Jordan also has many artists? Much of their work hangs in the galleries in Amman. During an art trip you discover what art evokes in you.

You are looking for an art tour because you:

  • Want to stimulate your senses
  • Like to gain inspiration
  • Want to connect emotionally with art
  • Let art spark your imagination
  • Want to be in a different world
  • Can be comforted by art
  • Want to be motivated through art

Step out of daily reality through a changed perspective, art

You don’t just make art for no reason, while you are busy for a moment you suddenly create an art object.

What is the difference between real and decorative art? Real art stands alone, it never has to follow rules. You may like what you think, what is aesthetic for one, is disgusting for another.

Decorative arts and crafts often have a function.

Artists are often so passionate about their own work, but they also make works which are commissioned. You can recognize an artist by his own style.

Both forms, arts and crafts and autonomous art, thus fall under the heading of art. You can get carried away by what the artist wants to display in the work, you can also find your own fantasy or be stimulated by an artwork. Step out of daily reality through a changed perspective, art. Let your emotions run free and let yourself be touched by what the artist has created.