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Theme trips in the Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

Theme Creative

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Trip Theme Creative in the Wadi Rum desert

Inspiration from the desert to draw or paint, make art with desert stones. Or make pots or spinning and weaving with the women from Diseh. Travel creatively in Jordan.

You are looking for a creative tour because you:

  • Want to make or do something with your hands when on vacation
  • Don’t get around to doing creative things at home
  • Are looking for a new challenge
  • Want to exchange knowledge and energy with women from another country
  • Love to to go back to nature
  • Want to have a week for yourself
  • Want to be creative together with sisters and girlfriends

Desert motifs and tribal traditions

The desert lends itself to you for your creative development. The vast plains, the silence, the day and night rhythm without time. From the moment when you are able to empty yourself the energy begins to flow and you will be able to convert this into a piece of art. On canvas, on paper, with your hand in clay, glaze what you’ve made. Being busy with monastic work, the weaving and converting this into art. Stringing beads, letting yourself get inspired by the desert stones which are everywhere on the ground. Making a beautiful piece of jewelry in combination with crystals and gemstones.

The desert gives you inspiration, you are close to nature. You work together with local women for empowerment, to discover local motifs which they have put into their work for centuries. You can us the century old signs of the rock drawings as inspiration for your modern art to connect to a past which has so many surprises in store.