Hiking and climbing

Hiking and climbing in the Wadi Rum desert

Trekking and hiking in the desert of Wadi Rum

Explore the desert on foot. On good walking shoes or barefoot? Every detail is visible. Both on the rocks and on the ground. The landscape glides slowly behind you. Here and there a "wild" camel. Traces of animals in the sand. Birds and butterflies around you. Somewhere a tuft of green. In spring, exuberant flowering plants. And sand ... red, white, yellow, orange. Stone plateaus you walk on. Silence, tranquility, while you put one foot in front of the other. Kilometer after kilometer. You discover life in the desert, the vast plains, walking in gorges, sometimes over hills, sometimes over sand dunes. Your eyes focus on distant and new horizons, interspersed with the rocky mountains in which natural bridges sometimes arise. A walk is an intimate way to get to know the desert. And then there is suddenly a beautiful sheltered shady place. The fire is made, the teapot filled. After a short time the tea will simmer and you will longing for the golden yellow sweet liquid, probably scented with some desert herbs.

Hiking in the Wadi Rum, Jordan* You can choose to make a small walk from the camp where you are staying.

* Or to take a longer walk with a guide at a certain place in the desert.

* Or do you opt for a multi-day hike through the Wadi Rum desert*?

* Finally, you can opt for a walking tour with a guide and a real desert hunting dog, a Saluki. It is special to see that he always moves in a circle around the group and occasionally walks with you. In the absence of prey, he chases after a lost jeep. Only then can you see with what speed and playfulness he approaches his "prey". And how he is in his element.


A walking tour with a guide, who also tells about life in the desert, is 15 Jordanian dinar per hour, regardless of the group size.

* If you want to make a multi-day trip, please contact us for the possibilities and the price with overnight stay.

Wurad the Saluki, best company during desert hikes in the Wadi Rum

Climbing and scrambling

In the Wadi Rum you can climb professionally, there are plenty of challenges such as Jebel Khazaali, Um Asrien, Jebel Rum and a number of places for technical mountain climbing. We would like to bring you in contact with a mountain guide for these mountains.

You can climb the mountains below with us:

Um Addami, the highest mountain in Jordan at the border with Saudi Arabia. 1854 meter.

Um Addami

The highest mountain in Jordan. 1854 Meters high. On the border of Jordan and Saudi Arabia. You need good shoes and a healthy condition to climb this mountain. No special equipment is needed. Once at the top you have a fantastic view. In the north the Wadi Rum, in the south Saudi Arabia and in the west the Red Sea and Aqaba.

Late in the afternoon before the ascent you will leave for the Um Addami. A beautiful trip through the Wadi Rum nature reserve and more to the south. At the foot of the Um Addami mountain a camp will be made for the night. The next morning after breakfast you start the ascent with the guide. At the top you have the opportunity to enjoy the landscape, to make photos / film and take a rest. Once back at the jeep you drive to the Wadi Rum to enjoy lunch in a beautiful shaded area. Before sunset you are back in the base camp.


Groups from 4 people: 85 Jordanian dinar per person.

Group 2-3 people: 120 Jd per person

Individual: 190 Jd

The trip includes overnight stay, dinner, breakfast, lunch, bottled water, tea and coffee, guide and transportation.

Are you with more than 8 people please contact us for a special price.

Burda bridge in Wadi Rum. Hiking and climbing.Burda bridge

A 3 kilometer winding climb with a guide over the mountain to reach the high-altitude bridge (about 300 meters high). This mountain is less high but certainly more challenging to climb than the Um Addami.


Includes overnight stay in front of the mountain, with a view of the bridge. Dinner, breakfast and lunch, bottled water, tea and coffee, guide and transport.

Groups from 4 people: 85 Jordanian dinar per person.

Group 2-3 people: 120 Jd per person

Individual: 190 Jd

Are you with more than 8 people please contact us for a special price.

Um Addami, hiking and climbing the highest mountain in Jordan, at the border od Saudi Arabia