Camel ride in the Wadi Rum, visit Petra, 8 days

Camel riding in Wadi Rum, 8 days

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High on an elegant camel, the ship of the desert, crossing the Wadi Rum. A a completely different life, as a nomad through the desert. You can almost compare camel riding with meditation. As you swing, you move further and deeper into the desert. A camel trip is very relaxing while there is so much to see and experience at the same time. A real desert adventure that not many do the same. A glimpse into Bedouin life. Delicious meals on the go that are often prepared on a wood fire from pure ingredients. Songs and stories of the Bedouin. An enchanting fairy tale but then real. During the lunch break or early in the morning you have enough space to discover the desert by yourself. To amaze you that people live in the desert, to view the petroglyphs. Be amazed by the many green shrubs, following traces of the animals that live in the desert. You will wonder how many colors and rock formations there are in the desert.

Petra and Aqaba

A visit to Petra is impressive. It is on many bucket list to visit. And it is one of the 7 new world wonders.

Aqaba is pure relaxation. Just a day at the Red Sea before you go back to your normal life.

Sleeping together with the camels in Wadi Rum



All transport during the journey. Riding a camel with a guide. All nights including breakfast (2 nights hotel, 2 nights luxury camp, 3 nights bivouac). All meals, bottles of water, coffee and tea during camel riding.


Airline ticket. Lunch and dinner in Petra and Aqaba. Travel insurance with world coverage. Cancellation insurance. Visa Jordan. Ticket Petra (Jordanpass). Drinks, tips and personal expenses.

Arrival in the camp with the camels in Wadi Rum


Dates 2019:

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Groups of at least 4 people: 950 JD per person

Group 2 and 3 people: 1050 JD per person

Contact us for groups larger than eight people for a special offer

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At night sitting around the camp fire, listening to Bedouin stories at Wadi Rum


Day 1: Arrival in Jordan, transport to Wadi Rum. Overnight in a luxury camp in the desert.

Day 2-3-4-5: from here you start the camel journey through the desert of Wadi Rum. Four days of adventure through the desert to see many aspects of the beauty of Wadi Rum. Every day will be completely different terrain. The red and the white desert. Rocks and mountains, gorges and sand dunes. And sunny weather almost all year round. Camping under the stars or in a small tent. A delicious meal is prepared in traditional Bedouin style. Every day you ride or walk about 2 x 2 hours. A few hours in the morning and after lunch again, to the next bivouac.

In those four days you will be a Bedouin, wandering through the desert. Making campfire with wood from the desert. Sleeping with your camel near you, staring at the stars at night and becoming a desert nomad for a while.

The last day we arrive in the same luxury camp as before. Dinner will be in the camp.

Day 6: The driver takes you to Petra, the former capital of the Nabataeans. The rose-red city, the must see of Jordan. The driver will take you around 17:00 to a Red Sea resort in Aqaba near a beautiful reef by the sea.

Day 7: Free to spend on the beach, in the sea and to enjoy the sun. You can also decide to go to Aqaba (transport from the resort) for some souvenirs or for dinner.

Day 8: Transport to the airport.

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