Horse trek Wadi Rum to Petra

Horse riding Trek from Wadi Rum to Petra

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8 Day holiday, including 5 days on horseback and visiting Petra.

Following caravan and pilgrims routes

Join us on a famous journey through remote areas following old caravan tracks and pilgrim routes. We begin our adventure in Wadi Rum. The first day we stay in the awesome Wadi Rum desert, the valley of the moon. To enjoy with the horses the endless desert landscape, ending the day near Disa. From Disa the ride will continue to Kharaza, a natural rock bridge. In this neighborhood will be our camp. The next day we will head to Humeima and sleep near the archeological site on the pelgrims and caravan route. We will take the mountain route and see the watersystems build by the Nabateans to Thugra.  Somewhere in a nice area we will make our camp. The last day on horse a stop is planned in the small village of bir Hamed. Bir means source of water. Here the horses will drink before we head via Delagha to Rajef with stunning views on the mountains where Petra is hidden. The landscape is varied: valleys, plateaus, mountain passes and desert. In Rajef you will be transported to Petra where you will stay to visit the next day Petra.

General information

Horseback riding

Horse Trek Wadi Rum Petra
Petra Treasury, horse riding Wadi Rum Petra



All lodging, including 2 nights in a good tourist class hotel, 4 in the nature and 1 in a comfortable camp. All meals and all transportation. 5 Days horse riding


Flight. Soft and alcoholic beverages (indicate in advance what you prefer), personal expenses and gratuities for hotels and guides. The visa for Jordan at the airport that you can purchase for 40 JD or via Jordanpass with included 1 day ticket to Petra. Travel assurance with worldwide coverage and additional sports.

Bedouin guide, horse riding Jordan, Wadi Rum to Petra

Dates and prices

Dates 2019:

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Groups minimal 4 people: 950 JD per person

Group 2 and 3 people: 1050 JD per person

Please contact us by groups larger than eight people for a special offer.

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Horse riding in Jordan, Wadi Rum to Petra, lunch on the road


Day 1. Arrival and travel to Wadi Rum. Stay in Suncity camp.

Day 2. Meet the horses for riding in the desert of Wadi Rum in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia. Getting friends with your horse. Our first camp will be near the village of Disa. Disa is the village of water in the desert. Under the sand is a big aquifer of groundwater.

Day 3. Heading to Kharaza a natural rock bridge in the desert. Passing the areas of the white and red sand. The first day is with many rocks in the environment. During today you will see more open area, all natural environments of the desert of Jordan. Near the natural rock bridge is a nice spot to make a camp. More and more you will get used to the nomadic life of the Bedouins. Enjoying their typical desert cooking.

Day 4. Humeima will be our next destination. Passing the magnificent desert views for having lunch in the shade of a rock. Every day there will be a light lunch with salads or soup accompanied by tasty dishes. While in the evening a delicious dinner will be cooked. A few kilometers behind new Humeima we make camp in the archaeological site of Humeima. Originally named Auro and built by the Nabatean King Aretas (86-62 BC). Possibility to visit the site.

Day 5. We will pass comprehensive water irrigation canals built by the Nabateans to transport water to Humeima. Travelling through the Wadi Helaweh with its round tops. Along the magnificent views of the Ras an Naqab mountains and an overview of the Wadi Rum as we go higher and higher.  Passing a little village called Thugra. Following old paths through the mountains. Somewhere whe will make a camp to sleep.

Day 6. Last day on horseback.  First we cross a mountain pass with stunning views of mountains and valleys. The route follows alluvial slopes between the red sandstone mountains and the yellow limestone mountains of the desert. The path is not very clear but our experienced (Bedouin) guides know the way. There are remnants found from Nabataean and Byzantine times. The mountains Haroun and Rum are in sight. On our way we will stop in bir Hamed, where the horses can drink. We'll pass another village, Delagha. Closer and closer we come to the mountains where Petra is hidden. Near Rajef we say goodbey to the horses to go on transport to Petra where a nice shower and bed will wait you.

Day 7. The goal is reached, Petra here we come to visit the Treasury build by the Nabateans. A flowering city 2000 years ago. Now a monument and one of the 7 wonders of the world. End of the day there will be transport to Aqaba or Madaba, close to the airport you come from.

Day 8. Depending the time of your flight you can visit the place. Departure for the airport.

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