Living with the Bedouin

Bedouin life in Wadi Rum

Living with the Bedouin

Can you imagine that there are still a small number of Bedouins who voluntarily choose to live in a homemade tent, Bait shaar, house of (goats) hair in the desert? In all seasons, in wind and storm, in the rain, in heat, together with their animals. In many ways a very primitive life, but if you think very carefully, a very rich life. Immerse yourself in nature, no TV, no internet, usually a mobile phone, a pick-up and the animals.

Visit a Bedouin family

You are welcome to live this life and to experience it closer. We have a number of family members who still live the old way. Sometimes it is a matter of searching where they are exactly because they regularly move around to be at places where there is enough food for the animals.

Coffee ritual, Arabian coffe, Bedouin coffee, Wadi Rum, JordanArabic coffee ritual

Making Arabic coffee and drinking is a ritual. Arabic coffee is not black as we are used to, but dark blond and tastes very different. The coffee beans are roasted on the wood fire. They may not turn black, light roasted is good. The coffee beans are crushed into a very large wooden or metal mortar. The way of stamping told the Bedouin in the pre-mobile era a story. The mashed coffee beans simmer in water on the fire. Often, there is added mashed cardamom and sometimes clove. There are many interesting unwritten rules when drinking Arabic coffee. Do you want to know more about it?

Goat or camel milk?

Did you ever drink that? Camel milk is sometimes taken as a medicine because it is good for many ailments. In the past, the Bedouin survived on camel milk and dates from the palm trees. They also use the camel milk after illness to strengthen and in case of problems of the gastrointestinal tract.


Goat milk is used as milk, buttermilk, feta, cheese, yogurt. The yogurt that has been further drained is also processed into bulbs that are laid to dry on top of the tent. This dried, salty yogurt, the jameed is the basic ingredient for many meals but especially for the national dish of Jordan, the mansaf. Goat meat or chicken cooked in the dissolved jameed with some herbs. The white rice is served on zrak (wafer thin bread) and topped with parsley and roasted almonds. The yogurt soup is served separately. The meal is served on a large, round scale, each sits around and will eat with the (right) hand.

Back in time, living with the Bedouin in the desert

Do you want to experience the real original Bedouin life?

-Choose a short visit with tea and the coffee ritual.
-For a longer visit with goat or camel milk *.
-For an afternoon with tea, milk * and mansaf prepared on the spot.
*If available.

Because we never know in advance where the family is in the desert, whether goat or camel milk is available and whether a visit is within reach, this option is never 100% certain. We do our very best to make your wish possible and usually succeed. Contact us for the price of a visit to an autonomous living Bedouin family.

It is an authentic experience, not for the average tourist.

Mansaf, het nationale gerecht van Jordanië, leven met de Bedoeïenen