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Our environment is now so unnatural and artificial that, without noticing, we became an impoverished third world climate of essential food shortages. Chronic diseases at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels emerge in a country where everything is abundant.

Health comes from within and our behavior is our own first health professional. With the detox program, you can add quality life to years through intestinal cleansing. It is not a new technique, for in ancient times were gut rinses commonly used to help the body to recover. Why they are not common anymore has to do with the insights of the new Western medicine (since the last 150 years), thinking in terms of disease control rather than health promotion.

Get ready for a major cleaning of harmful plaque that has been attached to the intestinal wall in the course of your life. Once lost it is a whole new world. It's never too late to start a colonic irrigation. You will be amazed how easy the course is, what results you achieve and how beautiful your body and your skin will be.


The detox program is indicated for people:

  • pursuing beauty from within;
  • seeking good health;
  • with all sorts of vague health problems;
  • who wants to get rid of old accumulated waste;
  • with fatigue symptoms.

What happens?

Detox promotes a healthy and radiant skin by healthy intestines. It brings you beauty through internal (bowel cleansing) and external (abdominal massage) cleaning. Removing poison and waste from the intestines addresses many skin problems at the cause. Results include more physical energy, less stress and a healthy skin.