Dead Sea facial and body treatments

Dead Sea facials and treatments, Jordan

Dead Sea facials and treatments


Discoveries show that people already visited the Dead Sea some 4000 years ago. King David, Herod. the Roman Emperor Vespasianus and many successive royal and wealthy travelers have been there to deal with the therapeutic and healing properties of the Dead Sea. King Salomon gave salt from the Dead Sea to the Queen of Sheba. Mark Anthony even attempted to conquer this area for the legendary Queen Cleopatra, knowing the beauty care qualities of the Dead Sea.

Which is not surprising, taking into account that the Dead Sea minerals are especially famous for their nurturing, nourishing and softening the skin: used for psoriasis, rheumatism, asthma, artritis, eczema, stress, headaches, acne, freckles, hair loss, dandruff, extremely dry skin, callus formation, fissures, skin irritations, metabolic disorders, muscular pain, and to support the restoration of the skin (eg. after weight loss). Finally, it also makes the skin smoother and tighter by nourishing, soothing, moisturizing, cleansing and improving its elasticity.

What happens?

Pure skin care, made with care from the waters of the largest natural spa in the world, the Dead Sea in Jordan.
Subtle care of the skin with effective ingredients that support a good functioning of the skin. The skin will be shiny, becomes silky smooth while problems of aging will be approached in the same time. 

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Bath, scrubs, body wrap with the Black Mud, body care, hand care, foot care in a natural way.

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