Gem stone massage

Gem Stone massage in the desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan. Arabian Massages

Gem Stone Massage


The world of gemstones is so rich that for every illness / complaint (semi) precious stones are to be found. The knowledge of the (semi) precious stones in the modern time was disintegrating. But increasingly we find out that the previous knowledge of the nature has a valuable meaning, even in our time. The advantage is that many (semi) precious stones can be processed into jewelry. The technology goes by and some can not keep up. Too much impulses, the whole media circus with even more information make sure that many of us become overburden. Contact with a (semi) precious by massage, imposition or wearing a necklace is a simple way to restore balance. That minerals possess certain powers, is incontrovertible proven, that is the reason that many primitive peoples, still connected to nature like the Bedouins still use this therapy.


See the Ritual of the Jade Stone Massage.

What happens?

Through a personal questionnaire, you get more understanding of color therapy, chakras and the precious stones. Together with the coach, you decide what is/are the noblest gemstone(s) for you, at this moment and then the massage is worked out. At the end of the questionnaire you will get more insight from your coach / therapist into life processes that are currently underway.
The facial or body massage is carried out and the vibration frequencies of the (semi) precious stones restore the imbalance in your body.

Treatment with Gem stones in the desert. Gem stones are used for centuries by the Bedouin. They wore and still are wearing the precious stones to protect them for many matters of illness, and to protect them for the "bad eye". Also to save them in difficult and dangerous situations.

Yet there is much interest in this matter. Minerals and gems have grown for centuries to become what we see. Each gemstone has its own strength and appearance, a vibration that is transferred to the body to find balance in caused blockages. Every stone has its own color and story.

Through a questionnaire you determine for example in a workshop with clients which gem fits to the person. Chances are that there are multiple stones fitting at someone. Your knowledge about the gems give more insight into the health of the client and show the way at what level the client is at the time of the session. As you go deeper you arrive at the intuitive abilities and the subconscious. Using the gems you can help someone to develop further on the path of life.