Honey Massage

Honey Massage, Arabian Massage.

Honey Massage


Honey is as old as time. In an Egyptian tomb, there is a 3000 years old mural on which a woman gets honey and harassed by bees. Honey has always been used as a mean for health or as sacrifice to the gods. In Ancient Egypt it was also used in embalming. There are also writings from Tibet where longstanding honey was used interchangeably. In Ayurveda, which knowledge goes back as far as 5000 years ago, honey is very commonly used. Hippocratis himself, as figurehead of Western natural medicine, was certainly an advocate of honey. Today it is mainly the Russians and Eastern Europeans who are known for their honey massage.

Honey has long been known for its curative properties on skin and hair and especially internally. In the kitchen is a popular ingredient. Honey let wounds heal faster and better. In the burn unit is often used honey. Still, it is not possible to make industrial honey. Fortunately, now honey remains a product of nature.


The honey massage is effective against rheumatism, arthritis, sleep problems, sagging skin, chronic fatigue, menstrual problems, depression, allergies, gastrointestinal symptoms (effective against diseases caused by fungus, especially in the intestines), chronic cold, stressful environment, overwork, emotional stress and all kinds of pressure and negative emotions, excessive fatigue, overstrain, cellulite, headaches, chills and cough. The honey massage also increases resistance and reduces puffiness.

Honey massage should be avoided in case of honey allergy, pregnancy, hypertension and varicose veins.


The specific massage is performed through the sticky properties of honey. Once applied to the skin, the honey is spread with hands. The Honey massage is perfect for the deep tissue.

What happens?

Honey massage is a vigorous massage that leaves the skin from pink to red. It accelerates the recovery of muscle tone.

It is particularly efficient on the skin, as:

  • the honey is instantly absorbed into the skin;
  • honey nourishes and renews the skin in depth. Your skin is then smooth, strong and has never been so soft;
  • the method of massage provides natural exfoliation and drainage;
  • honey improves blood circulation and brings oxygen to the tissues under the skin;
  • it improves heat regulation and has a positive impact on the entire skin nervous system.

This is why honey massage is a valuable boost in skin care and restoration of elasticity.

Honey Massage
- Honey Massage is a powerful massage that leaves the skin pink to red and works in the connective tissue.
- Speeds recovery of muscle tone.
- Deep seated metabolic poison and waste slag are loosened and removed.
- The honey is directly absorbed through the skin and is healing the organs.
- Honey renews and nourishes the skin in depth. The skin has never been so smoothing, tightened and irresistibly soft.
- Honey stimulates the self healing component of the body.
- The method of massage creates a natural exfoliation, drainage, cares, soothes and strengthens.
- Honey improves circulation and oxygenation in the tissues under the skin and in the muscles.
- Improves heat regulation in the skin and has a positive impact on the entire nervous system situated on the skin.
- Honey Massage is suited very well in weight and figure correction!
- Honey Massage is a valuable boost in skin care and restoration of elasticity. Experts promise that one, to one and a half hours of fun will not only help return the power of your client, but play a major role in the rejuvenation and healing of the body.