Kasaath Hawa

Arabian Massages, Kasaath Hawa

Kasaath Hawa

The Kasaath Hawa is part of the Bedouin heritage, which privilege and honor it is for me to pursue and transfer. The technique of this massage is passed from father to son, from mother to daughter. Being close friend of Bedouin, I had the opportunity to learn this specific technique, which has a profound effect on a therapeutic level.

Indications Kasaath Hawa

Preventive effect

In the Bedouin tradition, prevention is the primary objective. Due to harsh and primitive conditions of the life in the desert, preserving the health of the body is a survival condition. This is the role of the community.

If we transfer this into our Western society, this massage suits perfectly because we constantly strive and live under excessive pressure. In our stressed lives, we greatly undermine our health. Individualism sometimes leads to isolation. In our Western culture, we lack this human community caring for others, acting at essential psychological and physical levels.

In short, the Kasaath Hawa promotes health: a healthy mind in a healthy body.


Especially indicated to treat pain, shoulder pain and back pain, headaches, gastrointestinal symptoms, poor digestion, painful menstruation. Also useful against lung diseases, especially asthma and chronic colds, flu, cough.

Kasaath Hawa is used in the treatment of cellulite and for slimming, as well as during detox processes.


Not to be used on areas of the skin that are inflamed, or in case of high fever, cramps, or bleeding injuries. Avoid treating the abdominal area and the lower back during pregnancy.

Rituals with Kasaath Hawa

The massage starts with a mineralizing feet bath with Dead Sea crystals. We add rosemary herbs or oil that brings stimulation and invigoration.

The spectacular and intense glass and fire operation comes next, working on the lymph, blood and energy flows of the body. Stress, pain and palpable blockages vanish. You feel deeply relaxed, body and soul.

Coming third, your back receives a packing with natural La Cure Black Mud from the Dead Sea. This mud improves blood circulation, affects the subcutaneous fat tissue and is diuretic.

Amber is then placed on the solar plexus. Amber works mainly through the solar plexus chakra, as a warming effect on our entire constitution. Amber promotes vitality, stimulates your metabolism, is inspirational and gives joy. Amber soothes rheumatic pains, stomach cramps and abdominal pain, but is also useful in various skin ailments, respiratory problems and allergic disorders.

While the black mud and amber make their effect, your face is taken care of with pressure point massage, a protection against aging. It will also reduce headaches and insomnia, inflammation of the forehead and of nasal cavities.

What happens?

The Kasaath Hawa massage focuses on the movement of blood, qi-energy and body fluids such as lymph which circulates around the tissues in the body.

Oriental therapies state that pain is related to the stagnation of these fluids. This stagnation can result from injuries or stress. By the suction of the glass cups on the skin, energy and blood are drawn to a place where the disruptive energy can leave the body through the pores.

The Kasaath Hawa acts on the connective tissues, where there is an enormous activity. Nutrients from blood, waste from cells, hormones and nerve impulses are many processes going on through the connective tissue. The metabolic waste can then activate slag’s and pathogens. The immune system becomes overburden and damages to body cells are a fact. This makes many chronic illnesses more difficult to cure.

The therapy evolves to the meridians of the body. Meridians are the channels in the body where energy is flowing through to every part of the body, to every organ and every tissue. This massage is probably the best way to open the meridians.

The Kasaath Hawa massage creates a vacuum on the skin and sucks fluid from blood vessels to underlying tissues. Tissues then release their toxins, the lymphatic system is activated with a cleaning action and the one who receives the massage feels lighter and relaxed. The vacuum strengthens the veins, arteries and capillaries, thereby activating purification. It stimulates the skin cells, which are able to absorb more oxygen for a better cell metabolism, and the skin is revitalized. It reduces stretch marks and improve varicose veins.

Kasaath Hawa is the best deep massage possible, as it has been shown that its action goes as deep as 10 cm under the skin. The technique is very useful and safe, and can be easily learned and implemented in health practices.