Khiaahh Milhh, Dead Sea salt stamp massage

Khiaahh Milhh Dead Sea salt stamp massage, Arabian Massages

Khiaahh Milhh, Dead Sea Salt stamp massage

The Khiaah Milhh Bedouin Massage is a thermogenic (warming) massage with La Cure pure salt crystals (more than 35 different minerals) from the Dead Sea. Its effects include mineralising, warming, relaxing and healing the body. We use salt seals in the form of stamps on designated points of the head, face, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands, and legs, hips and feet. It is definitely a technique to make the body healthy and recover from illness.


The massage technique Khiaahh Milhh is created during my travels to Jordan. First the healing water of the Dead Sea and after I met the Bedouins. Immediately I admired their basic life and their dealing with health and illness. By partnering with them in their nomadic life as a Bedouin and sense their freedom of life, made it easy to integrate more into their culture and daily life. First there was the Kasaath Hawa and now Khiaahh Milhh, techniques have been passed on by tradition.

Khiaahh Milhh (translation: salt stamps) gives the best of Jordan: the energy from the hot oil, the minerals from the Dead Sea, and the treatment from the Bedouins. Scientific knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine supports the age-old proven techniques of the Bedouin.

In western life we live too much from our heads, from the speech, the soul and mental abilities. It draws too much power to itself, resulting in an imbalance between body and mind. Bedouins are with their survival techniques in a better position to create a balance. If the balance is re-established we can think and work from our natural intuition. Treating the specific points brings a relaxation by working in unconscious processes.


For example on the scalp Khiaahh Milhh Massage indications : ordinary headaches, migraines, insomnia, brain blood deficiency or overflow, memory loss, neuroses, aphasia, nerve pain in the back of the head, trigeminal neuralgia, baldness, heavy head, and menopausal problems. It also generally improves the condition of the hair.

This technique is used for rheumatism, but also for example on the anus to fight worms.


We start with a La Cure Salt Bath Feet Therapy to detoxify, relax and energize. Then a face cleaning with La Cure Gentle Cleansing Milk. Your skin will get rid of unnecessary ballast with La Cure Facial Scrub Cream, which will be followed by a La Cure Body Oil and Khiaahh Milhh massage on your face and hair.

As last steps, we’ll apply a La Cure Cooling Toner Cream, then La Cure Essential Moisturizing Cream as hydrating wrap. We’ll end up with classical massage movements.

We propose to you several levels of Khiaahh Milhh Massage :

  • Wadi Rum for face and scalp
  • Sunrise for face, scalp, neck and back
  • Seven Pillars of Wisdom for face, scalp, neck, back, arms and hands
  • Our optimal proposition is the Petra Khiaahh Milhh massage, which also concerns the face, scalp, neck, back, arms and hands. Besides the regular Khiaahh Milhh treatments, we add a Dead Sea crystals scrub on torso and arms and application of La Cure Soothing Scrub Salt encourage mineralizing and scrubbing. You’ll also enjoy a Black Mud therapy, with your torso, arms and face packed in La Cure Black Mud.

What happens?

We work with stamps made from unbleached cotton, filled with 100% Dead Sea Salt. Warm Massage Oil is liberally applied to the skin. Working on the acupressure point takes about 15-20 minutes on every separated part of the body. On painful areas, the salt remains in place together with the oil for 20 to 25 minutes. Included warm towel treatment.

Khiaahh Milhh or Salt stamp massage used in a detox program.

The massage with the stamps on the stomach gives a strong detoxifying. There are many metabolic processes put in motion. This massage is an excellent way for all kinds of detoxification treatments. The bowel function is turned on and the body is enabled to waste disposal. The belly is the place where much of the emotions are settled. This massage can release very ingrained processes. All kinds of chronic complaints can be resolved with a regular massage of the abdomen.

Belly: indications
This treatment restores the appetite, cures constipation, heals inflammation of the stomach and relieves bloating. With regular application it helps to cure stomach cramp, diabetes, diseases of the liver, sciatica, chills, hernia of the intervertebral discs, menstrual irregularities and pain, insomnia, nerve pain, high and low blood pressure. The cure for hiccups, indigestion, frigidity, menopausal problems, indigestion, bloated stomach, gout, kidney disease, infertility, and gallstones. It helps renew sexual power, stop bedwetting and promotes full erection of the male sex organ.