Desert modules

Desert Modules

Several modules to merge into your unique Jordan journey

Compose your trip yourself from different theme modules. You choose what you want to see / do / experience during your Jordan trip. After consultation, we paste the individual modules together in a logical order. We discuss which transport you choose and make a free quotation. You approve the trip or we change some more until the itinerary is completely to your wish. Only then will the trip be booked and you can travel to Jordan.


In addition to modules you can also add excursions, under the photo there are interesting possibilities to get the most out of your trip.

We are happy to help you to create a special trip, where you can taste the local colors / smells / sounds and really experience the country. Click on contact to start your journey.


There are several beautiful locations where you can spend the night in the desert. From luxury to camping in the wild, see the possibilities below.

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The Modules

-Learn horseback riding, 2.5 days

-3 Or more days camel ride

-3 Or more days of diving

-3 Days Pilgrimage

Excursions in the desert

A day activity with lunch, dinner, breakfast and overnight stay in the desert

-Horse riding

- Camel riding

-Jeep Safari


-Mindfulness with camels

- Climbing Mount Um Addami or Burda bridge

-A day training Arabian massage for professionals

Activity without overnight stay


-4x4Wheel drive, learning to drive yourself through the desert, half day

-Visit a traditional living Bedouin family in the desert

-An Arabian massage

-Stargazing  with the telescope in the desert

-Train adventure in the legendary train from the stories of Lawrence of Arabia


Request the price via the contact form, because the prices are completely dependent on the group size.


An overnight stay in the desert is an experience in itself. Accommodations are available in all shapes and sizes. They all have in common that they are in the desert. In the desert, nothing is connected to the electricity grid or to the water mains.

Different accommodations

Sun City Camp, the Martian domes in Wadi RumLuxury

Yet you can stay in all luxury. With hot and cold running water, with a bathroom in the "tent", with airconditioning in summer, with heating in the winter in the domes. Or something still luxury but basic in the tents. Our base camp is Sun City camp in Wadi Rum. A bustling and cozy desert camp.

Accommodation in Wadi Rum, toeristclassTourist class

Still very luxurious with a private bathroom in the tent. A small-scale camp, perfect care and very cozy.

Private camp in Wadi RumPrivate camp

With your own group in a camp. This camp has a beautiful view, is a nice base for all kinds of activities. Is only open to private groups. At the moment there is one large communal tent where people eat and sleep. You can also sleep outside under the stars. The bathroom with hot and cold running water is built nearby (10 meters) in the rocks. Showers are available.

Bivouac in the wild, in the desert of Wadi RumCamping in the desert

The most adventurous experience to sleep somewhere in the wild in the desert. There are small 2-person tents present, but the best experience is to sleep in the open air, under the stars. You depart into the desert with a jeep, the Bedouin guide searches for a nice place depending on the weather and the position of the sun.


Whichever overnight stay you book, dinner and breakfast are included. Sometimes there is some music and dancing. All camps are set for a good night's sleep in the silence of the desert.

Choose your desert accommodation

We are happy to help you making the choice which accommodation is most suitable for you. Again, the prices are dependent on the group size. Ask more information about the sleeping options in the desert via the contact form.